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Most people still know the term "curriculum" from school. However, this term has an extended function in the environment of e-learning and is even one of the outstanding main features of our LMS Global Teach®: In a curriculum, all learning content that is made available in the system can be combined as desired. This includes e-learnings, videos, face-to-face and/or virtual seminars, documents, elements that need to be confirmed by an external person, etc.


All these individual parts can be combined in a curriculum, depending on the training objective, so that a fully comprehensive learning program is created in each case. In this way, the goals and success of the respective learners, or even of the entire team, are precisely defined and measured. This is the only way to build on strengths and compensate for weaknesses. Find out below how you can benefit from the curriculum in GLOBAL TEACH® and how Swissteach as a professional for EMPLOYEE TRAINING can help.


Before you compile the curricula in the LMS for your target groups, you should clarify a few questions for yourself: Who do I want to train? What should the employees or the target group be able to do at the end? What content should be taught to ensure that the relevant competencies are acquired?

Swissteach will reliably assist you so that you do not lose the overview and can expect the most efficient result possible. As an agency with over 25 years of experience in the field of digital learning, you have in us the perfect partner for building your own digital e-learning platform and everything that goes with it. We also have a wide range of standard E-LEARNING-CONTENT, which no company should be without and which is super suitable to be integrated into the curricula - depending on the objectives.

The following advantages are offered by the curriculum in Global Teach®:

  • Content can be divided into modules and / or summarized.

  • Individual modules can automatically assign the corresponding desired competencies, or certificates.

  • The contents are learned linearly (one content after the other) or in any order. This can be specified according to the individual requirements of the target group.

  • The contents can be made dependent on each other. For example, it is determined that content 2 can only be done once content 1 has been successfully completed.

  • The completion conditions of a curriculum can be configured flexibly.

  • The completion period of a curriculum can be configured differently for different target groups (classes with start and end dates).

  • When registering for a curriculum, both face-to-face and virtual seminars can be booked directly if required.

  • A curriculum is defined centrally, i.e. by the administration in your company.

  • Curricula can be assigned by the corresponding supervisor.


These parameters, perfectly aligned with the learning level and objectives of the target group, guarantee optimal learning success in the end. And thus the best result in terms of competencies of your employees. As a result, each individual is excellently trained for his or her work and achieves the desired learning goal in the shortest possible time


You still need a suitable Learning Management System? Then you have come to the right place. With Global Teach® we network your company and your learning content effectively and cost-efficiently.


The most important thing: The system-integrated curriculum gives the continuing education courses in your company the structure that is needed. This means that learning content can be offered and processed efficiently and in the desired sequence. You choose the focal points yourself. For example, do you want to develop certain competencies of your team and your employees? Then these topics should have a particularly high weighting in your curriculum.

Of course, your employees will also benefit from this. Because: A good curriculum is primarily created for the learners. They can see at any time which learning content has already been worked on and which is still to come. By setting specific learning goals, each individual can also track their own individual progress very precisely. You can also give your employees the opportunity to create their own curriculum. This allows everyone to work at their own pace of learning. This promises even greater learning success through more self-determination.

Do you have questions or want to get started right away? Then please CONTACT us. The Swissteach team will be happy to help you.

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