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With the help of corporate communications, you control the perception of your company. A positive image both externally and internally is essential for the success of your company. At Swissteach, we want to help you improve your corporate communications through digital training: With the help of e-learning in the area of communication, your employees will be trained easily and efficiently and will contribute to the success of your company. We offer you a wide range of e-learning with good content.


If you have not yet dealt with this topic, we will be happy to explain to you why corporate communication is so important and how you can improve it through e-learning.

Corporate communication is used to convey a consistent and positive overall impression of the company, both internally and externally. To achieve this, you need to develop a long-term communication strategy that involves both your customers and your employees. Internal communication within your team as well as external communication with your customers are instruments of corporate communication.

With a coordinated marketing and communication concept you convey trust, reliability and credibility. With the use of e-learning, we offer you an efficient way to improve your corporate communication through online training.


As already mentioned above, a general distinction is made between internal and external communication. In order to make corporate communication as optimal as possible, the measures must be adapted to the respective target group. This not only results in better communication, but also in the following benefits.

Internal goal: "WE ARE A TEAM"

  • Cohesion and building a sense of "we“

  • Sense of belonging to the company

  • Improvement of the working atmosphere

  • Increase of motivation

  • Increased acceptance of change


  • Increased confidence in the company

  • Professional impression

  • Increase of credibility

  • More public recognition

  • Improved customer loyalty

With e-learning, we at SWISSTEACH have the ideal solution for you to improve your corporate communication. The following are concrete examples of this.


E-learnings aimed at your employees is a communication tool that should not be underestimated. First of all, these online trainings consist of texts, images and videos - completely independent of the subject matter. In order to create a consistent overall picture here and to keep employees in the "feeling" of the company, the following points are extremely important:

  • Presentation of content in the CI of your company, if possible

  • Wording adapted to the communication in the company

  • Addressing employees in a style that is common in your company (e.g. everyone is on first-name terms, so the training content is also on first-name terms, or a very formal approach is taken, so this is also reflected here, etc.)

If these points are observed, it gives employees a good feeling of cohesion and familiar surroundings. In this way, e-learning helps to additionally internalize internal communication - sometimes perhaps not even consciously, but nevertheless all the more impressively.

So much for the formal points and the presentation of e-learning in terms of communication. Now, however, not only the exterior of the training content is decisive, but of course also and above all the content!

Of course, teaching communication rules to your employees is also an important part of our e-learning trainings on the topic of communication. What sounds abstract at first can be summarized in the following points:

  • You can also use e-learning to convey the content of the communication guidelines: For example, there are e-learning courses that teach employees specifically what they need to pay attention to in their very own, individual company communication.

  • Swissteach also offers e-learning content that focuses entirely on "customer orientation". Here, users receive valuable tips on how to communicate most successfully with and in the interests of customers.

  • In addition, we already have ready-to-use content on even more specific topics, such as "communication" and "video conferencing".

We make the above content (and of course even more) available to you very easily and for immediate use on our SWISSTEACH ACADEMY.


Our competent team attaches great importance to clear and well-structured learning content from which all users can benefit equally optimally. The systematically prepared and easy-to-understand content is easily absorbed by employees and later optimally implemented and applied in the company.

Convince yourself of our successful PORTFOLIO online or contact us directly. We are looking forward to your INQUIRY!

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