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Aktualisiert: 4. Feb. 2021

Digitalisation and e-learning are two terms that represent the entry of modern technology into our private and professional lives. The corona pandemic has given a real boost to the discussion about e-learning and digitalisation. For example, the numerous protective measures required the closure of offices and also led to increased interest in companies that have been rather neglecting the topics of home office and digitalisation so far.

What represents an unprecedented crisis for our society today is a real boost in demand, at least for digitalisation and above all for e-learning. Companies as well as universities, educational institutions and other organisations are and were called upon to find alternatives to otherwise typical work and behaviour patterns within a very short time.

In order to remain in contact with customers, colleagues and fellow students, it is essential to finally tackle digitalisation with determination. For many of SWISSTEACH's customers, an important part of digitalisation is the area of e-learning.

In this article, we will reveal which aspects of e-learning characterise it, what advantages are offered in practice and why e-learning is able to advance digitalisation faster than before.


We have already mentioned one of the biggest problems for the progress of digitalisation in the previous section: until recently, many companies were still reluctant to make widespread use of such digital services. Due to the current circumstances, however, in recent months hardly any company could avoid dealing with e-learning and digitalisation. Many of the former sceptics now support the use of such communication and learning channels, as the advantages are simply not to be denied. Due to the rapid change of situation, in the last few months the motto for the majority of companies - and above all, of course, people - was "make it easy".

It is precisely this trial and error that is driving the use of e-learning and the progress of digitalisation in companies in general. At SWISSTEACH, we think that we can only dispel reservations and possibly also fears about using digital technologies if our customers can convince themselves of all the capabilities.

If e-learning services are available as standard in a company for the first time, the use of e-learning also creates certain synergies that will speed up digitalisation. This is an important guarantee of success in many companies, because there is no stopping digitalisation – only those who take care of it and do not lose sight of the time can survive on the market in the long term.


Since everyone associates different things with the term e-learning, we would like to take this opportunity to give you a short overview about what e-learning is exactly and why SWISSTEACH offers convincing solutions. Basically, e-learning as a component of a digitalised everyday life is the possibility to educate yourself digitally. This general definition therefore includes all types of digital learning that are generally available. Typical cornerstones for the use of e-learning include the following:

  • The supply of learning content in digital form (online)

  • Learning content can be provided as PDF files, as WBT (=web based training), as video or as podcast.

  • Lectures, seminars or discussion groups can also be held online and on a very personal level with the help of innovative solutions. The last few months have shown how powerful video conferences, for example, are.

  • The providing of specific learning content takes place according to the individual learning needs of every single person.

Many companies and employees, who were generally rather sceptical about e-learning and digitalisation in the past, have fundamentally changed their opinion within the last months:

E-learning is not only innovative, but is in no way inferior to most other forms of learning that require physical presence. In addition, the participation and use of e-learning is particularly convenient and also much more cost-effective.


Choosing a service provider who supports you as an expert in the further training of your employees is not easy. It is not without reason that in connection with such measures there is also talk of "investment in human capital". Solutions and offers must therefore not only function reliably, but also reach and ideally inspire their participants.

SWISSTEACH has the longterm experience and expertise to make learning content available digitally and tailor it to the needs of its customers. With CLEVERANTO and GLOBAL TEACH, there are two high-quality in-house LMS-solutions to choose from, which take e-learning to a whole new level. Numerous satisfied customers from the most diverse industries speak for themselves.

Would you also like to know how you can discover e-learning for yourself and your employees? CONTACT us – anytime!

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