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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


Updated: Mar 25, 2022

E-learning is a practical way to learn flexibly and individually. It offers a wide range of benefits. But every company works differently. And so it is important for every company to consider in advance what strategies are available and which can be used when. This is the only way to get e-learning up and running successfully, and the success can ultimately be reflected in turnover. So which e-learning strategy makes sense when and which technique is suitable for you and your employees? We will get to the bottom of these questions in the following article.


The sub-variants of an e-learning strategie that are popularly used by companies can be divided into 3 variants. With learning on demand, companies want to ensure that their employees have a certain level of knowledge. For this purpose, the desired content is trained in the course of e-learning.

Another strategy is called "learning on demand". Here, it`s not about knowledge that might be useful at some point in the future; instead, employees learn precisely the content they need in the current situation. The focus here is on imparting knowledge to employees quickly, simply and selectively, so that they can apply it directly. Due to the immediate learning and implementation effect, this sub-variant of e-learning strategy is very efficient and the knowledge is directly anchored. In this way, the E-LEARNINGS have a targeted effect and the participants can derive the greatest possible benefit.

The third sub-variant of e-learning strategy is the so-called transfer support. This is particularly important after a previous training course (present or digital). Participants receive support after the training in the form of apps or other effective concepts. In this way, what they have learned can be better anchored in their minds and they know how to put the content into practice.


Increasingly, people are also talking about so-called blended learning BLENDED LEARNING. This is a particularly effective and sustainable e-learning strategy, as it includes not only online training, but also classroom training, and the entire learning area is linked together holistically. Thus, employees learn in E-LEARNING e.g.: certain contents, which they can further deepen in presence, or vice versa. This combination of blended learning is so effective because it combines the advantages of both training methods. For some topics, e-learning is the better choice, while other content is best practiced and discussed in presence. So this strategy also offers numerous advantages.


In general, however, it is important to pursue a specific, predefined, holistic strategy when using e-learning. Only when it is clear which goals are to be achieved with the training of your employees in concrete terms and when, can you plan and implement in a structured manner. E-learning offers so many advantages and such a sustainable benefit that it is always advantageous to deal thoroughly with the strategy in order to start with a clear plan towards success. This is where we have been supporting our customers individually for many years. Because every person learns in a different way. Therefore, you should develop an e-learning strategy for your employees that best fits your company, the goals and in the end and the learning content to be imparted. With the right e-learning strategy, your employees will find it easier to absorb the content and put it into practice. Since these are topics that are relevant to the work and ultimately the success of the company, this is of great importance. Thus, you as an employer also benefit from the right e-learning technique.

You don't really know how to set up such a strategy? We would be happy to support you with our CONSULTING , so that you can use e-learning to exploit and promote the potential of your employees and your entire company.


At Swissteach, everything revolves around e-learning and e-learning strategies. Thus, we are your expert when it comes to providing a good online training experience for your employees. Our e-learning strategies have been proven to keep participants motivated and to make the content a quick and easy success. Do you have any questions about our offering, or would you like individual advice? Feel free to CONTACT us, we are looking forward to your inquiry.

In order to keep track of key terms in e-learning, you are welcome to use our E-LEARNING-GUIDE .

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