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E-LEARNING FOR BUSINESSES has become increasingly important in recent years. Here, various electronic media and digital technologies are used to provide teaching and educational content independent of location and time. By applying the right e-learning tips, companies enable modern and interactive learning using different teaching tools. These include quizzes, videos, forums or virtual classrooms.

In our new blog, we at SWISSTEACH have compiled the most important e-learning tips for you!


E-learning, along with the right tips, offers numerous benefits for both users and companies. It promises flexibility and self-determination to users, as educational content can be accessed at any time. This allows learners to work through content at their own pace and according to individual needs, resulting in more effective knowledge transfer. In contrast to the traditional educational context, content is more accessible through personalised learning methods, which makes teaching and learning more flexible and individualised. For companies, e-learning optimises the use of resources, saving time and costs that would otherwise be incurred for teaching materials, travel or rooms. Employees are always kept up to date through e-learning, and changes in topics can be implemented quickly. In addition, the company can easily track the knowledge level of its employees and provide evidence of training. This offers companies the opportunity to train their employees cost-effectively and effectively.

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E-learning is revolutionising the way we learn. However, for this to be truly successful, there are some e-learning tips to consider:

  • Create the right environment: A concentrated working atmosphere is crucial to focus on the learning content. A dedicated workspace, away from distracting noises and interruptions, greatly supports learning. Actively turn off potential sources of distraction, such as social media or TV. With this e-learning tip, also consider the importance of good lighting to be easy on the eyes. An ergonomic chair and appropriately aligned desk are not only comfortable, but also help you stay healthy in the long run.

  • Technical requirements: E-learning is hardly possible without the appropriate technical equipment, even with the best tips. A constantly interrupted internet connection or crashing programmes can significantly disrupt the learning flow. Therefore, invest in good equipment and ensure that software and operating systems are regularly updated. Also think about the security of your data. A backup is not only useful in case of technical failures, but also if you want to learn on different devices.

  • Time management: A structure in everyday life is a very important e-learning tip that helps to master the learning material continuously. A clear schedule creates an overview and commitment. Breaks are important to process what has been learned and to regenerate. Deadlines are not only useful in a professional context, but also help to master the material in a meaningful way.

  • Active learning: Simply reading or listening is often not enough to internalise content. Through active methods, such as writing notes, taking part in DIGITAL EMPLOYEMENT TRAININGS or working in groups, you deepen your knowledge. In addition, regular repetition of learning content promotes long-term storage and is therefore indispensable as an e-learning tip.

  • Motivation and self-regulation: As an E-LEARNING AGENCY, we know that motivation is the key to success and one of the most valuable e-learning tips. Set realistic goals and reward yourself for milestones reached. Exchanging ideas with like-minded people, whether through online groups or in learning communities, can also be very inspiring and help you stay on the ball. Gamification, i.e. incorporating playful elements into the learning process, has proven to be an effective e-learning tip to further increase motivation. By setting points, leaderboards, virtual badges or other reward systems, learners are encouraged to engage more intensively with the content and track progress. It creates a fun challenge that makes learning more exciting and enjoyable. In addition, social gamification elements, such as teams or competitions, can foster a sense of community and friendly competition among learners. As one of the most exciting e-learning tips, such a game-based system can help ensure that achieving learning goals is not just perceived as a chore, but also as an exciting challenge.


The future of e-learning promises an even deeper connection between technology and education. Thus, as technological means expand, the impact of e-learning can also be further optimised and integrated into everyday teaching and learning. Access to teaching will be broader and thus also widely facilitated. Through learning analyses, the performance levels of learners can be recorded and personalised curricula can be created. Helpful e-learning tips thus create support that specifically addresses the individual needs of your employees.

Would you like more in-depth information on the topic? Or a specific question in this context is giving you no peace of mind? Feel free to CONACT us and get in touch with our experts. We will be at your side with help and advice!

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