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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


Updated: May 12, 2022

Digitization has brought about many positive changes with regard to e-learning. The pandemic has also contributed to the fact that e-learning and other digital learning offerings are becoming more and more popular, and classroom training is increasingly taking a back seat. But what are the exciting current e-learning trends?


The use of e-learning has now become established in most companies and the creation and use of e-learning is no longer as complicated and unusual as it was a few years ago. For this reason, the in-house creation of training content (= e-learning content) is definitely one of the e-learning trends today. Placing important training topics quickly and sustainably with the team not only promotes overall success, but of course also the efficiency of each individual employee.

So it is not surprising that companies are looking for simple and pragmatic authoring solutions for this purpose, with which the creator can quickly become productive. There are now very good options for this, such as the AUTHORING TOOL "LEARNING SLIDES", which is also used by some of Swissteach's customers.


Game-based learning is also called „gamification“. These are learning methods that rely on game mechanisms to better engage learners. This makes the learning process fun and participants are even more motivated to stay on the ball.

This trend in E-LEARNING looks so promising that many assume it will continue to be an important pillar of e-learning in the long term. After all, other areas have already shown the benefits that gamification can bring.


Anyone looking at e-learning trends in 2022 will hardly be able to avoid the topic of artificial intelligence - AI for short. Artificial intelligence is therefore one of the up-and-coming e-learning trends, as it can be individually personalized. Personal approaches to learning are becoming increasingly important, as this has been proven to lead to better results. This e-learning trend also helps learners to absorb content more easily, retain it better and put it into practice skillfully.


Current e-learning trends are moving strongly in the direction of adaptive learning. In this way, employees can learn flexibly: independent of place and time. In this way, they find the optimal learning environment for themselves in which they can best absorb content and are also allowed to choose the time at which they are really receptive. Adaptive learning as an e-learning trend is promising and will continue to play an important role in the course of the year.


Social learning does not have to take place on site, but can also take place via practical E-LEARNING PLATTFORMS. Participants engage in exchange, which leads to increased motivation, but also ensures that creative solutions and new perspectives emerge. Interaction and teamwork are at the top of the agenda in this part of the e-learning trends.


More and more people can be assigned to the visual learning type. This means that they learn more sustainably and efficiently when videos and other visual illustrative materials are integrated. So video-based learning is definitely one of the e-learning trends in 2022. With the help of captivating videos, employees can learn effectively and sustainably.


Are you also interested in e-learning trends? With our EMPLOYEE TRAINING at Swissteach, we do not only offer customized e-learning for you and your employees. We also have decades of experience and are therefore able to respond quickly and precisely to the individual needs of a wide range of companies. Our innovative team is always on the ball and implements the most significant e-learning developments in our LMS Global Teach®.

In this way, your employees take something away from their training courses in the long term and benefit from their knowledge in the long term. Do you have questions about current e-learning trends or would you like to know how you can use e-learning most effectively in your company? Then please feel free to CONTACT us. We are here for you!

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