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E-learning can make the development and expansion of competences in your company more modern, exciting and effective than ever before. The successful training of employees in particular represents an essential factor in remaining competitive and successful in the long term. Digital employee training simplifies this process.

In addition, e-learning makes it easier to comply with the relevant compliance regulations and thus creates legal certainty. For this reason, more and more companies are opting for E-LEARNING concepts instead of conventional, dull employee training courses, which in most cases only have a limited impact.

Do you also want to introduce e-learning in your company? In our new article we discuss the most important basics and strategies for the optimal development of your employees.


When you introduce e-learning, it offers you a lot of advantages, time-wise, financially and didactically:

  • On the one hand, digital employee training enables enormous cost savings. Whereas in the past it was necessary to rent the stuffiest halls in the most remote places in the country for several days, with e-learning all you need is a functioning terminal device. If you introduce e-learning, this eliminates many travel costs as well as the fact that your employees are unable to work for a disproportionately long time during the training sessions.

  • This results in enormous time savings. Long journeys and lectures are no longer necessary, as all the necessary learning utensils are directly with the employee. Moreover, no second person is needed for instruction because the e-learning format provides all the necessary information for the new employee. In terms of time, e-learning programmes thus relieve the entire workforce.

  • Since only a laptop or tablet is needed to use the programmes, the respective content can be accessed at any time. When you introduce e-learning, this creates a high degree of flexibility, which offers your employees the possibility of continuous development.

  • As soon as you introduce e-learning, you will notice that the content sticks better with the help of interactive programmes. Employees are introduced to the topics in a playful way and what they have learned is permanently reviewed and repeated. Conventional training courses, on the other hand, are often designed in such a way that the listeners have to pay attention for hours without becoming very active themselves. In this way, successful and, above all, sustainable learning is made very difficult.


You have decided to introduce e-learning in your company? Then you have taken the first step towards a successful future. But there are a few points to consider when introducing e-learning to make it as effective as possible.

On the one hand, you need to choose the right learning platforms and tools if you want to introduce e-learning. This is where you as the managing and responsible person come in, as no one knows your workforce and organisational needs better than you. For example, is your company undergoing a modernisation transition? Then it is time to create digital barrier freedom so that no employee is left behind. The programme provides you with the appropriate tools for this.

Now you have to create the appropriate learning concepts and content. If you want to introduce e-learning, you should ask yourself exactly what you want to teach your employees. In addition to basic legal training, topics such as time and task management are extremely helpful in facilitating work processes and thus achieving a better basic atmosphere. The topics thus range from practical content to personal development opportunities.

Once you have introduced the appropriate e-learning format, you should evaluate the existing system in consultation with your employees. There is always room for optimisation and the system can usually be constantly adapted and improved.


When you introduce e-learning into your organisation, it should be part of a coherent overall learning concept. Through free accessibility and flexibility, you strengthen individual EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT through e-learning in the long term.

Certain factors also help to improve learning success. One possibility for improvement is the implementation of gamification, i.e. playful elements in the e-learning concepts. The aim of these gamification elements is to increase the motivation of employees by making the content more entertaining. If you introduce e-learning and gamification, however, this should be done professionally and coherently, otherwise the desired effect will be lost.

For this reason, it is important that you work with experts if you want to introduce e-learning. They will advise you in detail about all challenges and obstacles and help you to overcome them. Also significant is the constant evaluation and incorporation of suggestions for improvement in order to permanently optimise the system.


E-learning saves time and money and is also more effective for consolidating work-related content. Even more, it increases the motivation and commitment of the employees and is thus an absolute guarantee for the future success of your company. If you are thinking of introducing e-learning, please feel free to contact us at any time. For 10 years now, we have specialised in the introduction of digital employee training under the name SWISSTEACH. We provide you with helpful strategies, analyses and tips to ensure learning success in your company. We would like to invite you to a comprehensive CONSULTATION, where we will find a tailor-made solution for you together with you after analysing the situation.

If you are introducing e-learning in your company, we can offer you suitable learning management software (LMS). Our complete solution GLOBAL TEACH® can be operated intuitively and offers even e-learning newcomers an easy start. With a maximum of flexibility, GLOBAL TEACH® offers your employees free space for personal development. It is not without reason that numerous NAMED CUSTOMERS from the most diverse sectors and professions already trust in our exceptional LMS.

We will be happy to support you professionally and comprehensively in taking your next step in the context of e-learning. When can you start?

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