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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


Most people have heard the term microlearning before, but don't know much about it beyond that. So it's time to shed some light on it and find out what it actually means.

Microlearning is a relatively new term, which has become more and more important with the development of e-learning in recent years. In general, microlearning describes the acquisition or provision of learning content in small learning units. These are in turn linked to test questions on a specific topic and form a separate, self-contained training course. Microlearning is generally used in connection with e-learning.


Microlearning offers its users a lot of advantages, which we have summarized for you here:

  • Microlearning is particularly resource-saving, as it saves time and money both in its creation and in its application.

  • In addition, users can work very flexibly on the short but self-contained units.

  • Of course, this also means that the attention span does not have to be as long as with comprehensive, exhaustive learning units.

  • Through the short but intensive learning units, the knowledge is better anchored in the brain.

  • Microlearning offers quick feedback with short test questions at the end, where users can immediately see their progress and thus get direct feedback on their learning status.

Microlearning also offers many advantages in production. Short learning contents are created quickly and thus save a lot of time. For this reason, the learning content can be offered quickly and precisely in line with current needs. In addition, it is just as well possible to respond flexibly to current needs. In this way, content can be used by the user as needed. So if there is a need to teach certain content for upcoming tasks, it can be offered to users quickly and easily. What's more, experts can share their know-how more effectively with the help of microlearning. This is because experts do not have to have extensive knowledge to create a small training course on "their" particular topic. Insular knowledge is also welcome here and can be conveyed by the respective creators in short learning units.


When creating microlearning units, there are a number of things to keep in mind in order to apply the learning concept in the best possible way. Among other things, care should be taken to ensure that the individual topic complexes are delineated from one another. However, this does not mean that they cannot fit together thematically. On the contrary, complex content can easily be divided into individual units and thus be made more readily available to the user.

In addition, the learning units should be designed for a maximum length of 2 to 10 minutes. Therefore, when creating the units, one should imagine that the employee is in a time-limited situation and is supposed to or wants to learn something there in a very short time. Accordingly, not every topic is always suitable for microlearning content. Complex and extensive topics are sometimes better suited to detailed classroom training. In terms of content, you should also consider in advance whether presentation via microlearning makes sense. This includes, for example, the teaching of soft skills or topics that require an exchange with others.


We offer you various learning management software solutions that efficiently support you and your employees with microlearning. The wide range of uses for our software enables you to produce a wide variety of learning units. You can choose from the following LMS solutions:

  • CLEVERANTO® is our entry-level solution for using microlearning units in e-learning format. Even newcomers quickly find their way around the intuitive interface. At the same time, CLEVERANTO® continuously motivates your employees for personal and professional development.

  • Our second LMS solution, GLOBAL TEACH®, has been used by well-known customers for over 20 years and is constantly being further developed. It scores particularly well with its comprehensive functions, self-explanatory operation, high flexibility and the simplified implementation of classroom training, should the choice of topics be more complex. This makes GLOBAL TEACH® our most versatile LMS solution, not only for the use of microlearning.


As an expert in EMPLOYEE TRAINING, we have more than 25 years of experience in the field of digital business and personnel development. Our LMS solutions offer you a simple way to efficiently integrate microlearning into your company and thus develop the entire team quickly and in a targeted manner. The size of your company does not matter. Our products are constantly being developed and are based on the feedback of our customers and the needs of the market. We not only offer you the possibility to create microlearning units (e.g. with our partner tool LEARNING SLIDES), but rather provide you with a holistic system with a concept for the further development of your company. Thus, in addition to providing you with our software, we are also happy to offer you CONSULTATION on the optimal use of e-learning in your company at any time.

If you have any questions or comments, you are of course welcome to CONTACT us at any time. We look forward to getting to know you!

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