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Every company needs motivated, productive and committed employees. They form the basis for dynamic, competitive companies – in other words, those who are successful in the long term. But this requires structures and forms of organization that allow employees to use their strengths in a targeted manner and develop skills in the interests of the company.

How do you achieve this? In the following, SWISSTEACH supports you with seven selected tips on how to motivate employees and guide them to new peak performances.

Tip no. 1: Set goals together and work on achieving them

Nobody likes to do "service by the book", at least not in those industries and companies that are considered particularly innovative. It is important to increase employee motivation by actively involving them in the planning process. This creates a feeling of appreciation and acceptance. After all, as a company you signalize an "open ear" for the concerns of your team.

Important: Separate this from the semi-annual or annual feedback meetings. Instead, create your own format, for example through feedback systems or an informal exchange, to provide employees with a platform for discussion.Tipp Nr. 2: Mitarbeiter-Motivation durch Fortbildungsmaßnahmen steigern


Tip no. 2: Increase employee motivation through training measures

Well-trained employees who act according to current standards are optimal for a company to take a solid position against others. However, this requires the active promotion of further training measures in order to raise the qualification level of the workforce and support them in their individual knowledge development. Of course, the use of e-learning is particularly innovative and effective in this context.

The special: E-learning focuses on active knowledge transfer that is demanded by employees themselves and integrated into their daily work. SWISSTEACH offers you a comprehensive range of SERVICES in this segment, from conception to implementation and evaluation – making employee motivation a breeze!


Tip no. 3: Learn from mistakes and communicate openly

Companies that try to "sweep negative things under the carpet" only hinder themselves. In this environment, employees find it difficult to feel valued and supported. Fact is: mistakes happen and are an ideal basis for learning from them. Accordingly, it is important to communicate openly and transparently within the company.

Important: A Head of Department and a team leader must set a good example; after all, they are the mediator between company management and the "grassroots". It is therefore advisable to actively promote this type of employee management and to place it on a broad basis according to the top-bottom approach.


Tip no. 4: Establish fair salary components and reward performance

Too rigid regulations regarding compensation lead to a situation where employees only perform as they should in order to achieve KPIs. Rather, a transparently managed compensation system that considers the individual performance of each employee is more suitable. A bonus linked to above-average performance and objectives would be conceivable here, for example.

Different is also possible: Not only is a higher salary the key to success, alternative incentives such as flexible vacation and attendance times as well as benefits (e.g. gym, events, etc.) are also conceivable.


Tip no. 5: Increase employee motivation by promoting intrinsic incentives

Actively provide opportunities for employees to develop or acquire knowledge independently. This is most likely to succeed through well-structured content in the form of E-LEARNING that creates curiosity. As a full-service provider, SWISSTEACH offers the entire format. Learn more about our portfolio now.

Not to forget: Don't expect this to have to take place exclusively outside working hours. Instead, allow a certain amount of time per month, which makes it possible for each employee to learn and discover new things during work, according to his or her own ideas. The employees’ motivation benefits solely from the impulses you give them in this context.


Tip no. 6: Break through routines and allow internal changes

Of course, well-coordinated and successful teams are the company's dream. But only in rare cases is this based on a self-runner; instead, proactive action is required. Therefore, it makes sense to create variety that also increases employee motivation. Ask about what changes are desired from the employees’ perspective. Based on this, offer a mix of teams that is based on qualifications.

The advantage: Not only the exchange within the workforce is increasing, but also the understanding towards the individual. This appreciation increases the feeling of togetherness and leads to a sustainable improvement in internal communication.


Tip no. 7: Actively offer flexible working hours

The motivation of your employees is closely related to the structures in which they have to integrate themselves on a daily basis. Older employees, couples with children or single parents have a great need to make the working day more autonomous. It would be conceivable here to agree on core working hours with flexitime or, if possible, to establish trusted working hours.

The advantages: By eliminating rigid structures and focusing more on the individual's work performance, you send a signal of trust. This in turn has a positive influence on employee motivation, as work and private life are better balanced.

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