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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Anyone who follows the SWISSTEACH blog will have noticed: SWISSTEACH is not just a company with experts in DIGITAL EMPLOYEE TRAINING, Integrated Learning and E-LEARNING CONSULTING. First and foremost, we have set ourselves one goal: to support organisations - whether companies, universities or even state institutions. Our focus is on people and their individual requirements and wishes.

We are passionate about E-LEARNING and our LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) GLOBAL TEACH® and in this context we do everything we can to recognise the needs and challenges of our customers, to advise them professionally and to develop customised solutions together with them as a team. However, in addition to the continuous development of our LMS GLOBAL TEACH®, our mission naturally also includes other tasks - e.g. marketing. As in all our fields of activity, we love to take unconventional paths, to be pragmatic and to look at things from the perspective of the other person - whether customer, partner, user or company management. "Unconventional and easy to understand it has to be!" That is our motto. So we design our materials and campaigns as simply as possible, with a lasting impression.


The best example of the above credo is our postcards. Who hasn't picked up meaningful cards somewhere? And let's face it: it's hard to imagine social media without sayings and quotes. We are extremely pleased that the idea of cheeky and to the point statements for everyday work has become a hit. From an eye-catcher at trade fairs and other events, it has quickly become a popular give-away that many people like to take along, that makes people smile and that has found its place on numerous office refrigerators, screens, doors and – as this article will show – also universities.


If you think of SWISSTEACH and a nursing school, you might first associate the topics e-learning university, LMS at universities, UAS e-learning or e-learning in medicine or nursing. But at this point the connection is much more pragmatic. In the end, of course, the focus is on motivation for learners.

Our postcards have found their way into technical college teaching, as Ms Antje Zenz, deputy headmistress of the nursing school in Hanover, told us at this year's LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe. The PFSH trains nurses in generalist training and nursing assistance and has about 200 trainees. Since the most diverse age groups meet here, a lot of creativity and methodical variety is required to meet the needs of the learners and to make the teaching as effective as possible. In previous years, the cards were already popular as giveaways and were used in lessons for the first time.

"They offer a great opportunity to start a conversation with the trainees, who reflect on their practical assignments after they return with the help of the statements on the cards," says Zenz. The meaningful statements make it easier for the trainees to classify and review their experiences and insights and also to clearly identify points that specifically did NOT happen to them, continues the deputy headmistress. "In addition, the nursing school in Hanover is also very keen to make the lessons varied and to change methods. Your cards with the cheeky statements are just right for that!" adds Zenz. The different motifs on the postcards are suitable for various situations and immediately provide a practical basis for conversation.

On the cards, for example, you can find sayings such as "Running", "Doesn't matter if it's quick", or "Doing is like wanting – only more intense".


The decisive factor for success in learning is motivation. Whether in companies, universities or state institutions - without it, learning success is also impaired or even non-existent.

We at SWISSTEACH have understood this and reconcile several factors in this context: On the one hand, we are masters of the technology and offer with our LMS a custom-fit solution for the implementation and execution of digital employee training. On the other hand, we always understand our work in cooperation with our partners and customers. Only in a team can challenges be mastered and the requirements of our customers – no matter how complex - be met. And if, in this context, our postcards can also make a contribution to increasing the learning success of our partners and customers, all the better.

Do you have any further questions about how you can increase your learning success with us and how we at SWISSTEACH can support you with your individual requirements when introducing e-learning? Then GET IN TOUCH with us today.

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