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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


Updated: May 25, 2022

Consciously leading a healthy lifestyle is now becoming increasingly important in our society. This is not only about a balanced diet, but above all about the organization of everyday life and the balancing of stress that arises from it.

Due to the more frequent presence of illnesses such as depression and also burn-out, the health-conscious way of life and above all also the way of working is becoming more and more of a focus. Last but not least, an unbalanced work life balance - also and especially in the home office - can have considerable long-term consequences. To avoid this, variety and a balance between work and leisure are important factors. Moments of happiness, success at work and a higher degree of free time play a decisive role here. The use of E-LEARNING is indeed very helpful in this context and an important pillar on the way to a balanced work life in the home office.


Basically, work-life balance in the home office, or in other professional situations, is about a balance between challenging tasks, stress and pressure, etc. on the one site and free time, a sense of success / happiness, relaxation, etc. on the other site. However, this does not necessarily mean the time spent in the respective areas of "work" or "private". For example, if you are happy in your job and spend mostly good moments at work, then this can also be an important positive contribution. This means that the balance is a little different for each person.

A good work-life balance in the home office is already reinforced by a happy and secure feeling of being at home. However, this very circumstance can also cause the balance to tip, because - as we all know from experience by now - "switching off" in the home office is sometimes somewhat difficult. As a result, you run the risk that the challenging work issues gain more and more space and the balance is no longer given. But what does all this have to do with e-learning? Actually, it's quite simple: E-learning offers an important cornerstone when it comes to combining challenging tasks, such as further education, with three counterparts at the same time, namely free time, success and a sense of happiness. On the one hand, you have the option of CONTINUING EDUCATION from the comfort of your home, because e-learning allows you to complete the training content flexibly at home or on the road.

This means not only more free time - after all, you may no longer have to travel long distances to attend training marathons lasting several days - but also an increase in the amount of success you achieve yourself. Tasks that you solve successfully automatically trigger a certain feeling of happiness. So in the overall picture, the use of e-learning significantly promotes work-life balance and counters stress and pressure with positive feelings. You have a clear overview of the structured training modules, gain more free time and also continue your education. Thus, e-learning -an important component of the work life balance in the home office, but also in the office.


Further training, various courses and seminars are part of professional success. If you don't want to stay in one place, you need to acquire new knowledge. If you also want to take care of your work-life balance at home, e-learning is the perfect solution.

The time factor plays an important role here. Whereas other training courses or seminars have fixed dates and take place on site, e-learning allows you to determine the (learning) times and also the duration per day yourself. In addition to work, further training is otherwise always linked to an enormous time commitment. Some courses are held on weekends, others in the evenings after work. All of this throws off the work-life balance in the home office, or even in the office itself. Stress levels rise, and with them, the willingness to learn decreases. This is not ideal, and in addition, successes are a long time coming. If training is now offered via e-learning instead, the situation changes fundamentally:

In terms of work-life balance in the home office, e-learning has a clear advantage. Each user has complete control over the organization in coordination with their supervisor. Here, breaks can easily be taken while working through the digital training courses if you notice that you can no longer learn effectively. Moreover, the learning environment always plays an important role - whether in e-learning or in face-to-face training. If you now look again at the work-life balance in the home office, you are already in a place that evokes satisfaction and peace in you - at least in most cases. This very feeling is not only ideal for learning. The brain can absorb, process and store the important facts much easier and faster. The successes therefore present themselves promptly in direct comparison and this sets an important counterbalance to stress and challenging situations.

So time and feeling are two factors that have a positive impact on your personal success. Use e-learning not only to keep your work-life balance in the home office, but also to continue your education efficiently and sustainably

You want to know how this could look exactly in your company? CONTACT US and we will show you individual solutions that will also help you and support the work life balance of your employees.

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