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In a nutshell: The "Video Conferencing Gateway" module is the interface between our LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Global Teach® and a corresponding, configured web conferencing tool, such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, Edudip, etc.

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Since the beginning of 2020 at the latest, online training and continuing education courses have gained immense popularity. And for good reason! With the help of learning videos, E-LEARNINGS, online tests and much more, almost as much content is now taught as in traditional face-to-face seminars. And there is no longer any need to do without personal contact.

With our video conferencing gateway, you can easily bring your face-to-face training into the digital age. In this way, content continues to be conveyed "with eye contact" without having to forego a minimum distance. Geographically, you are completely independent and this opens up completely new possibilities:

Companies that operate nationwide or even internationally can now bring together employees from a wide range of locations in ONE seminar, without incurring travel costs or risks of contagion. And best of all: the seminars are tracked in the LMS, just like all other training and e-learning courses, and flow into the competence profile of the respective employee.

But where can I find a platform that enables online live training?

That is quite simple! With our Learning Management System GLOBAL TEACH® you are well advised. It has many practical functions that facilitate your work around the digital training of your employees. For example, the payment gateway, which enables credit card payments directly on the LMS page. But also the progress of your employees can be easily and transparently viewed and enables constructive performance reviews.

Another important component is the Video Conferencing Gateway module. With the help of this module, your existing CONTENT can be easily expanded to include online live training.

Choose SWISSTEACH as your partner for the digital training of your employees. Rely on over 25 years of experience in the field of digital learning and look forward to a wide range of already existing e-learning content!


It's simple: start with our LMS Global Teach® and choose the modules that suit you best. When you choose Video Conferencing Gateway, you're assured of a smooth experience for all your live online training sessions. This online content can also be easily and quickly integrated into your existing curricula. With the help of our seminar tool, employees can even be placed directly on the list of participants for online training courses. It goes without saying that the images and sound of the seminar are transmitted completely securely.

Do you have any questions about the Video Conferencing Gateway or one of our e-learning offerings? Then simply send us an INQUIRY. We will be happy to help you with all your digital learning needs!

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