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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


Updated: Feb 15

Dear diary,

as a caregiver, I am confronted with a variety of challenges every day. In addition to the time pressure, which is unrelenting in an ageing society, my job is above all physically and emotionally demanding. Nevertheless, it is extremely important here in nursing to always be up to date and to apply the latest technologies and findings. The big question is: how am I supposed to reconcile all of this? 

Thankfully, the way my team and I learn has changed drastically in recent months – thanks to the use of E-LEARNING in nursing.


What struck me first was that e-learning in nursing offers us a lot of advantages over traditional learning methods. Instead of boring lectures and agonising role-plays, DIGITAL EMPLOYEE TRAINING offers an interactive and varied learning experience. The integration of e-learning into the nursing training curriculum opens completely new possibilities. It not only complements traditional teaching methods, but also enriches them with a more individualised and flexible approach to learning.


The best thing about e-learning in nursing is the flexibility. I can access the learning materials anytime and anywhere. I often complete the learning units on the train on the way to work so that I have nothing to do after work. Thanks to mobile apps and online platforms, I have constant access to learning materials and can continuously expand and refresh my knowledge. Being independent of fixed training times through e-learning in nursing gives me enormous flexibility. I can learn when it suits me best and even on the weekend if I want to. The best thing, of course, is that the content is perfectly tailored to my level of knowledge and my nursing tasks. After all, things are constantly changing here, and I need a lot of background knowledge so that I can do my job well.

Everyone learns differently and e-learning in nursing allows me to learn at my own pace and personalise my learning journey. In the past, we simply had to complete standardised tests after sitting for hours in a musty room with oxygen levels akin to climbing Mount Everest. So you can imagine that concentration was not necessarily at boiling point. The advantage of e-learning in nursing is that everyone can take the time they need, even in pleasant air quality. That's not so bad when you realise that we're working directly with people, is it?

I have been working in the same nursing home in Aachen for 15 years now. It belongs to a large group with its headquarters in Berlin. In the past, training courses were traditionally held in the capital. My colleagues and I travelled 7 (!) hours from the far west to the east in all weathers. On the way, we always imagined we were on the Trans-Siberian railway. Thanks to e-learning in nursing, I now save an enormous amount of time. I don't have to wait for lessons or travel; instead, I can even relax and study on the sofa.

E-learning in nursing is not just theory. Simulations and interactive modules allow me to train practical skills effectively. Realistic simulations allow me to experience complex nursing situations virtually and improve my skills before applying them in the real world. I particularly enjoy the practical application of e-learning in nursing after a trainee inadvertently punctured my thigh with a syringe during an exercise last year.


Recently, a young woman came to visit us in our home. She said she was working for a “LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROVIDER”. I think the company is called Wisstech or Swisstech or something like that. I thanked them for the enormous support that e-learning offers us in nursing. The young woman then told me that development was not yet at an end and that she and her colleagues were constantly working on improvements for E-LEARNING FOR COMPANIES.

I was fascinated by the possibilities of e-learning in nursing. Modern technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality should offer realistic simulations that are almost indistinguishable from reality. This development would be incredible for e-learning in nursing, as it would allow us to train even more practically and prepare us for stressful situations. I assured the young woman that we would CONTACT them and talk again in a few years to see how these technologies have developed.

E-learning in nursing is more than just an alternative to traditional training. It is paving the way for a new era in nursing education that emphasises flexibility, individuality, and technological innovation. It not only prepares us for the challenges of today, but also equips us for the future. And I am glad that it is being used in our work.

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