You have already discovered that the key to a knowledgeable and productive workforce lies in the ongoing training of your employees and now you would like to introduce e-learning concepts into your employee training portfolio? Nevertheless, you are still looking for the right Learning Management System, or LMS for short, which will actively support you in the coordination and organisation of learning content, training dates and evaluation of results? SWISSTEACH will definitely help you, because we offer the LMS solution that is tailored to your requirements and from which you and your employees can benefit immensely.

Find out in the following not only how Learning Management Systems can enrich you and your company, but also discover directly which LMS best suits your personal needs.  





Learning Management Systems are just waiting to shower you with a wealth of benefits. But what are LMS anyway? LMS are platforms that are specifically designed to allocate, manage and evaluate educational content. Their innovative technology sustainably improves your employees' learning - it is faster, more productive, trackable and, above all, more cost-effective than conventional employee training. Particularly with regard to the organisation of e-learning content, companies of all sizes now rely on a modern learning management system.

The advantages are obvious. With the help of an LMS you can contribute in a cost-effective way to the effective relief of the teaching process and present your employees with a continuous and simplified form of learning. Not only do you save resources (such as working time and travel expenses). Thanks to the individual adaptation to the learning level of each employee, the reusability of one-time created content and the flexible implementation possibilities (accessible anytime and anywhere, even on the road or from home), you will soon see significant positive effects on the productivity and know-how of your employees. LMS as web-based learning environments simplify communication between learners and teachers, regulate the flow of information and thus enable e.g. uniform further training of your employees for all your branches - without increased effort. In addition, LMS take over numerous administrative tasks for you, so that you as an administrator always have everything in view and know exactly which training your employees have already completed. You can also benefit from the consolidation of various learning materials in your LMS. Of course, Swissteach will also be happy to provide you with advice and support at this point. Our many years of experience have taught us one thing above all: companies or even departments are confronted with the most diverse training needs - so adapting the respective learning materials is often essential. With Swissteach, you therefore not only have the option of using our ready-made standard content, but also have access to individualised e-learning content.


Create your own e-learning content? With Swissteach you have the opportunity to determine the exact training requirements together with our experts and thus to create your own personalised individual content.


Of course, LMS should be one thing above all else: flexible, simple and uncomplicated. This is exactly what our two Learning Management System solutions offer all along the line. And we mean this literally. Already during implementation, we have developed the optimal and fastest way over time so that you and your entire team can use the LMS in no time at all and get started. All your employees need to do is to follow the secure registration process and they will have immediate access to all their teaching content and courses – within seconds. By using the LMS not only on the desktop, but also on a tablet or smartphone, your employees are 100% flexible and can continue to train for your company outside the workplace.

Of course, every company is different and therefore has different training needs. This is why Swissteach gives you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in e-learning with our Basic LMS "Cleveranto" or to start directly with our Advanced LMS "Global Teach".

Cleveranto. This learning management system is ideal for beginners, as it ensures an uncomplicated and easy start into the world of e-learning. Benefit from advantages such as the provision of all information relevant to your employees in seconds or efficient knowledge transfer for various requirements. No matter whether you want to introduce a special topic to your team, train an explicit group of your staff, or implement successful onboarding of one of your new employees quickly and efficiently - with CLEVERANTO you have everything under control and always have an up-to-date overview. Your team is guaranteed to enjoy the individual and dynamic content allocation and intuitive use.

Global Teach. Global Teach will certainly meet all the requirements you place on a comprehensive LMS. Whether it is the flexibility, simple management of classroom training, an optimal organisation of e-learning units or the multilingual application possibilities – GLOBAL TEACH will inspire you in every respect. Especially companies operating on the global market will benefit from the possibility of simple international use. Thanks to continuous development - for more than 20 years now - Global Teach is always technologically state of the art and revolutionises the learning of now more than 2.5 million users.

No matter which LMS solution you choose, both models offer the ideal basis for your optimal learning management. Would you like more information? Then simply send us an E-MAIL. We can tell you this much: by using our modern Learning Management System you can save up to 80% of your regular training costs during operation. If that is no reason to engage Swissteach today as your trusted LMS partner.




Swissteach offers not only future-oriented learning management system solutions, but also e-learning content and related consulting. So do you have any further questions regarding our LMS solutions or other areas of our services? Then please do not hesitate to CONTACT us at any time. Our competent team will process your request immediately and is looking forward to getting to know you!