If you are looking for a professional and efficient e-learning solution for your company, then you will definitely find it at SWISSTEACH! No matter whether you want to introduce digital training into your structures for the first time, or whether you want to optimise your existing measures - with our strategies, analyses and tips, we are there to help you in word and deed. E-Learning for your employees leads to the greatest possible success with our individually adaptable learning management systems.

Good to know: By definition, e-learning includes all forms of learning in which digital media are used to present and distribute learning materials. No need to be present at a certain place or time - that is what is special about e-learning.





Continuous company training defines the training of employees and the development of competitive products or services. As we are aware that there is often a lack of time or budget to train new employees or to train the existing team extensively, we offer different e-learning methods. You don't have to worry about a possible lack of quality or about costly technical investments - with us you can sit back and enjoy the numerous efficiency and flexibility advantages of our e-learning offer. At our E-LEARNING AGENCY, each of our customers not only receives an individually tailored Learning Management System (or LMS for short), but can also look forward to an extensive range of e-learning content, as well as professional and comprehensive CONSULTING and support. After a first personal meeting, in which we can get an idea of your respective needs in the field of e-learning, our competent team will start working on a solution perfectly tailored to your needs.

Fast and efficient - this is our mission when it comes to the integration and implementation of modern e-learning innovations in any company, while incorporating experience and Swiss precision. Our e-learning offer is based on five pillars:

Experience. We have been working in the field of e-learning for more than 20 years - so our approach is based on knowledge rather than assumptions.

References. We want to offer you 100% transparent information. That's why we are happy to put you in touch with one of our numerous customers, who can tell you first-hand about his/her positive experiences with us.

Direct contact. As an experienced e-learning provider, we are always in close and direct contact with you. Without a third-party provider, we are at your side - be it during implementation or during operation.

Flexibility. With us, you have the possibility to have everything to do with e-learning adapted to your specific needs.

Complete solution. With us you get everything from one source - whether it is an individually tailored Learning Management System, ready-made e-learning content, or professional advice and support. We are there for you.


E-LEARNING CONTENT is one thing. Good e-learning content is the other. After all, what use is so much information if it is structured in a confusing way or too extensive? Correct: nothing at all. Fortunately, we are dedicated to the creation of good content - with us, you get concise, short and crisp content that is attractively designed and can be used intuitively by your employees. Your employees can thus profit efficiently from the e-learning content and transfer it immediately into their everyday work - we guarantee you that. We know what is important, which is proven not only by our satisfied customers, but also by various e-learning awards we have already won!

By systematically preparing all e-learning content for you, your employees always have the opportunity to take part in the training courses relevant to them - whether they are on the road, at work or at home. The flexible possibilities for e-learning are endless.

Of course, the most diverse requirements in companies - or, more step-by-step, even within departments - lead to the most diverse training needs. We are also well aware of this challenge in the field of e-learning. We offer you not only ready-made content, but also individual e-learning content for your very own, specific training needs.

Many roads lead to Rome. Or with us: two ways lead to good content. Either you make use of our customised e-learning content and benefit from the know-how of various partners - for e-learning content in the form of WBTs, videos, simulations and much more. Or you can take part in one of our workshops to set up your internal content production and soon create your own e-learning content - naturally 100% adapted to your corporate design and tailored to your specific needs.




But it is not only for your employees that there are enormous advantages to using our e-learning services. You as an employer can also benefit immensely. With our LMS Global Teach, for example, you receive comprehensive reports on the respective learning progress of your employees - in this way, you always have an overview of the existing know-how and can deploy your employee in the right areas according to the knowledge he or she has learned. In addition, our e-learning systems also enable you to centrally manage your classroom training.

And the best? By using our e-learning offer you save up to 80% of the conventional training costs. You have read correctly, up to 80% of training costs are reduced, for example by eliminating travel costs to the respective training locations. On top of that, your employees' productivity will be much higher and faster, less working time will have to be invested in training, and so on. With us at your side, you can carry out routine training courses in a cost-effective, simple and standardised manner, and by adapting them individually to your practice and your employees, you benefit from their full impact.



We bring you to great e-learning success with two different learning management systems.

CLEVERANTO. For a quick start, or as a beginner, it is best to use our intuitive and cost-effective LMS CLEVERANTO. Without a long implementation time, your employees can easily and quickly reach the desired level of knowledge.  As a workflow engine, CLEVERANTO not only enables the use of individual and dynamic curricula, but also enables simple cooperation between technical experts, trainers and Co.

GLOBAL TEACH. This LMS offers everything you need for optimal employee development. Management of your face-to-face training, organisation of all e-learning, multi-lingual use – GLOBAL TEACH makes the heart of e-learning affines beat faster. You too can benefit from its extensive functions and flexibility. Global Teach has been continuously developed for more than 20 years - so you are always up to date with this e-learning system.


If you have any further questions regarding our e-learning offer, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us. Our competent team is already looking forward to your enquiry and will take care of you comprehensively.