E-Learning Award 2021

Category "Medium-sized businesses"


This year, Swissteach AG was awarded the coveted "E-Learning Award" even twice. In the category "medium-sized businesses", we scored well together with SCHORER + WOLF, one of the leading freelance appraisal offices from southern Germany.

The content of the winning project focused on the topic of driver training. The goal was to create a training program that efficiently and quickly makes the employees of any company fit for the topic and offers them tips and assistance for handling the respective company car. In this context, the user not only learns everything online about safe behavior in road traffic, but also more in-depth topics such as "correct behavior in the event of a breakdown/accident" are conveyed in an extremely clear and lasting manner.

The beautiful result: through the appropriate sensitization of the employees, the number of expensive accidents is extremely reduced and the respective company saves cash.

What made the project particularly innovative was the fact that not only was the training content itself to be developed, but the whole thing was to be made available to companies as a complete package together with a high-performance learning management system (LMS). It was important that especially field staff (who usually make up the largest amount of company car drivers in companies) get a responsive solution that can be used on the move and cleanly records all learning progress of the user. As a result, companies are not only able to prove which employee has done the e-learning and to what extent, but they can also follow up at any time and go into more detail with individual employees.


The user-friendly LMS GLOBAL TEACH, which has been established for many years, was by far the best solution in connection with the aforementioned e-learning and thus clearly convinced the jury of the E-Learning Journal.


From now on, every interested company can use the online training "Driver Instruction" - either separately on their own learning management system or, if required, in connection with our LMS GLOBAL TEACH.

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E-Learning Award 2021

Category "Content"


For our sustainable project "Onboarding: Processes of the Regional Employment Office (RAV) - From registration to deregistration" we were also awarded the E-Learning Award 2021. Together with the Office for Unemployment Insurance of the Canton of Bern, Swissteach AG developed a highly efficient way to map the onboarding of new personnel consultants online and extremely sustainably via E-LEARNING. A variety of current methods were used, such as blended learning, gamification, microlearning, web-based training, and storytelling.

The goal of the project was to make the previous onboarding of new employees at the Office of Unemployment Insurance more efficient and thus offer a more individualized and time-saving option. Until then, the onboarding of new employees was mainly characterized by the following challenges: the training was tied to the workplace and the participants had completely different previous knowledge.

In order to find an effective solution for this, an e-learning was developed that is based on a concrete story from the user's work environment. Here, the learners are guided through the individual stages of a fictitious case study, which is consistently based on the user's actual everyday working life. Depending on the user's level of knowledge, he or she can counteract existing knowledge gaps on an individual basis. This provides a more individualized and faster way to make new employees productive in a timely manner. In addition, the presentation of the e-learning is also characterized by playful elements, which result in extremely fast comprehension and at the same time ensure that learning is fun.

The aforementioned project so impressed the jury of the E-Learning Journal that they even gave it the award in the comprehensive category "CONTENT".

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E-Learning Award 2020

Category "Web Based Training"


In 2020, we were awarded the E-Learning Award in the WBT category for the first time!

Together with our customer SIEMENS GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES we were allowed to develop an extraordinary E-LEARNING, which was awarded the coveted AWARD by the jury of the E-Learning Journal! The content of the project focused on the topic of "Business Continuity Management", which enables users to prepare for unforeseeable, spontaneous interruptions (infrastructure failure, natural disasters, pandemic, etc.) in such a way that the continuation of business is guaranteed at all times.

This is a milestone of the current time, which helps various companies to reach their sales targets despite the mentioned incidents. The topic has never been so topical as in times of Corona and Co!

What it is about in detail and what else is so extraordinary about this project, you can of course read in the PRESS.

The e-learning is also available to all other interested companies with immediate effect.

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