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By e-learning definition, all forms of learning are summarized in which electronic as well as digital media are used for the presentation and distribution of learning materials or to support interpersonal communication.

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A special point here is that no presence at a certain place or at a certain time is required, according to the e-learning definition. In short, training that used to be time-consuming and had to take place on site can now be partially mapped digitally and completed on a computer, tablet or cell phone. This is much more flexible, saves time and money, and offers a much greater opportunity to address the knowledge level of the individual user.


As an experienced agency for digital learning, SWISSTEACH offers you a 100% carefree package. Look forward to comprehensive, as well as professional consulting and benefit from our numerous efficiency and flexibility advantages. We offer you the choice between two state-of-the-art Learning Management Systems (LMS) to organize your digital learning units according to the e-learning definition. Our LMSs enable a multimedia learning experience that is perfectly tailored to your and your employees' needs.

Are you already an old hand in the field of digital learning, or does your company operate primarily internationally? Then our second LMS Global Teach® is definitely the right choice for you. Here you get everything that leads to a high efficiency of digital trainings per e-learning definition. GLOBAL TEACH® has been continuously developed for over 25 years - so the system is always up to date for managing your classroom training or organizing all online teaching units. Especially the multilingual usage possibilities and high flexibility inspire our numerous customers.

Of course, these systems still need to be filled with the training content mentioned in the e-learning definition. Here, too, Swissteach actively supports you and offers you, in addition to the classic prefabricated E-LEARNING CONTENT, also individual content suitable for your respective training needs. Let Swissteach advise you and you will soon benefit from a tailor-made solution as described in the E-Learning definition. How? Find out in the next section.


When you introduce digital learning formats into your company, you can look forward to numerous benefits. For example, you can access comprehensive reports on the learning progress of your employees at any time. In this way, nothing stands in the way of targeted use and support of your employees according to their current knowledge levels. In addition, digital learning is a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom training, allowing you to save up to 80% of traditional training costs.

But you are not the only one to benefit from this innovative learning method. Your employees are also guaranteed to enjoy the new possibilities of flexible learning. Whether they are on the road, at work or at home - in line with the e-learning definition, your employees can complete the digital learning units at any time and from anywhere, proceeding entirely at their own pace. In accordance with the e-learning definition, online learning also offers the opportunity, in contrast to classroom training, to deepen individual aspects once again and thus effectively achieve the desired level of knowledge.

The advantages resulting from the e-learning definition have convinced you? Then put your trust in this innovative learning method today and soon you will see real successes in the productivity and know-how of your employees. Do you still have questions or would you like personal advice? Then please CONTACT US! Our experienced team is already looking forward to your inquiry.

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