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In general, Performance Support supports employees in their daily work processes. This means that employees receive exactly the information and explanations they need, tailored to their competencies.

In principle, every employee should be consistently developed in and during his or her job. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that external circumstances are constantly changing, and on the other hand, the employee should be optimally equipped with knowledge for his or her job. If this further development of the employees happens in a structured and comprehensive way, the success of the company is guaranteed.

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In this context, it is obvious that the topic should also be adequately mapped in the common learning management systems. For example, swissteach has implemented the "Performance Support" module in the LMS GLOBAL TEACH® very successfully and to the delight of customers and users.

"Performance Support" allows supervisors to set the individual development goals of their employees and track their personal progress. Depending on their needs, employees can be assigned TARGET competencies that need to be met. In concrete terms, this means that an employee is assigned certain TARGET profiles by his or her supervisor, which are linked to specific e-learning and training courses. The employee can now work through the specified digital learning content and thus approach the desired TARGET knowledge state. Thanks to the "Performance Support" module in the Global Teach® LMS, supervisors can track the current progress status and adjust the targets for the target competencies if necessary.


Performance Support offers many advantages for the efficient EMPLOYEE TRAINING.

Especially if you run a large company with many employees, it can be difficult to support everyone as individually as would be ideal for the company's success. However, thanks to the Performance Support Module, this is not a problem, because you can train all employees at the same time, while still adapting to their individual needs, and track their progress at any time. The Performance Support Module in the LMS Global Teach® shines in particular because it is well structured and provides both parties, i.e. supervisors and employees, with insight into target- and actual competencies.


To make the entire process as efficient as possible, the Performance Support module should be used in combination with the Performance Review and Performance Check modules. Together, these three modules make it possible to efficiently design the complete process, from competency identification and goal setting to linking suitable e-learning training courses. Performance Support is therefore the ideal solution for the further training of your employees if they are to acquire meaningful competencies in line with requirements without getting lost in the crowd and possibly forgetting important content.

Do you have questions about Performance Support? Simply CONTACT us and we will be happy to help.

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