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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


E-Learning has gained a lot of importance in the world of work in recent years. Companies increasingly rely on digital learning formats to design their EMPLOYEE TRAININGS as an important component of human resources development, independent of time and place and with maximum flexibility. Creating E-Learning content offers a modern way to train employees in a targeted and effective manner

Companies can educate their employees on important topics such as compliance, data protection or IT security and thus ensure that they are always up to date. The training of new employees can also be optimized through the creation of E-Learning content by introducing them quickly and effectively to the company's procedures and processes.


E-Learning offers numerous advantages over traditional forms of learning. One of the most important features of creating E-Learning content is its flexibility and time independence. Employees can work on their learning content at any time and from any location if there is an internet connection. In addition, creating E-Learning content allows for individualized learning, which means that each employee can learn at their own pace and focus on individual knowledge gaps. This leads to more effective knowledge transfer and helps ensure that the subject matter is better understood and applied. Creating E-Learning content can also help save costs, as there is no need for additional premises, teaching materials, or travel expenses. All in all, E-LEARNING thus offers an effective, flexible, and cost-efficient way of employee development as well as knowledge acquisition.


An important aspect of the development of E-Learning programs is creating E-Learning content. These must not only meet the needs of the target group, but also be designed in an appealing and understandable way. To create effective E-Learning content, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various tools and technologies. These include, for example, videos, animations, interactive exercises, and quizzes.

Creating E-Learning content requires a thorough understanding of the didactic methods and concepts that can be used to plan learning materials. It is important that the content be tailored to the needs and level of learners and presented in small, easily digestible units. Incorporating practical examples and exercises can also help improve understanding and application of the learning content.

That much is certain: creating E-Learning content is among the most important steps in developing E-Learning programs. However, careful planning and implementation are no less crucial to the success of the learning process.


Creating suitable E-Learning content is part of a comprehensive HR strategy that should ultimately guarantee the learning success of a workforce. Examples of successful E-Learning programs abound, such as the BMW Group or Deutsche Bahn AG's E-Learning program. But why do these examples of creating E-Learning content stand out?

Best practices for creating E-Learning content include incorporating gamification elements, creating interactive learning environments, and integrating social learning networks. Careful planning and implementation of E-Learning programs and content as well as support for employees through targeted coaching and feedback are essential.

Through the targeted use of E-Learning programs and content, companies and educational institutions can train their employees more effectively and thus increase the company's success in the long term.


To develop a successful E-Learning program, it is important to create carefully planned and designed E-Learning content that meets the needs and level of learners. E-Learning content can be created in a variety of formats, including text, video, animation, interactive exercises, and quizzes. It is important to divide the content into small units that are easy to assimilate and to include practical examples and exercises.

Overall, creating E-Learning content provides an effective way for employee development and knowledge acquisition. The targeted use of E-Learning programs in companies and educational institutions can contribute to the effective training and motivation of employees and thus increase the success of the company in the long term.

SWISSTEACH is your suitable partner if you are looking for an experienced company to support you in the implementation of E-Learning formats. For more than 20 years, we have accompanied companies in this area and offer you support in the creation of suitable content as well as ongoing adaptation. With GLOBAL TEACH®, we offer you a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that is intuitive to use and has been continuously optimized for two decades. With the flexibility and simplified management of classroom training, GLOBAL TEACH® ensures that your organization is always on the cutting edge of learning management and employee success. If you have any questions about creating E-Learning content, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to answering your inquiries.

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