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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


Courageous and committed employees can play to their strengths better and enjoy their work more. They want to develop continuously, think for themselves and get involved. In this way, committed employees make an essential contribution to the success of a company. But what opportunities are there for business leaders to effectively increase employee engagement?

Customized E-LEARNING formats and an effective training concept offer a simple and cost-effective option for strengthening employee engagement holistically. In this article, we explain how this can work in practice and which factors need to be taken into account.


On the one hand, well-constructed EMPLOYEE TRAINING courses provide employees with the knowledge they need to do their jobs simply and quickly. At the same time, e-learning enables structured further development for each individual, which is continuously documented. Employees can view their individual knowledge and learning progress at any time and more easily manage the tasks that arise in their day-to-day work. This has a direct, positive impact on employee satisfaction – both in terms of the individual and the activities and tasks. As in all other areas, a positive basic attitude is the indispensable basis for increasing employee commitment.

On the other hand, the acquisition of information through digital employee training is highly interactive. Content that is often perceived as dry or highly theoretical can be directly applied and tested in this case. Digital learning formats offer employees the fantastic opportunity to test themselves and their knowledge directly – the foundation for automatically acting more confidently in real everyday working life. This confidence in their own actions also contributes to increased employee engagement. Employees are more confident to contribute their own ideas and approaches and to implement them. Even more, the motivation and "fun" can ideally be deliberately kept high through playful elements in the e-learning formats using GAMIFICATION IN LMS. The use of such methods increases the desire for e-learning and thus, in the end, also employee engagement.


To promote employee engagement, we at SWISSTEACH offer the complete e-learning portfolio – from the system (LMS), to concrete training content, to consulting. Our LMS solutions are flexible and customizable to each company: Our entry-level system, CLEVERANTO® is a solid format that is easy to use even for newcomers. In interactive applications, the necessary knowledge is imparted to your employees playfully. Our second LMS solution GLOBAL TEACH®s somewhat more comprehensive. We have been continuously developing this solution for many years. The e-learning system for increasing employee engagement scores with an enormous variety and diverse interfaces to third-party systems, as well as enormous flexibility.

Whichever of these two solutions you choose, you will immediately benefit from the direct added value:

  • Reduce your costs for training premises.

  • Make your employee training courses available to your workforce, regardless of location and time.

  • Meet the needs of your employees for individual time management.

  • Make your training more interactive and interesting.

  • Increase the transparency of your organization's training progress.

  • And most importantly, encourage employee engagement!

For more questions about increasing employee engagement or our LMS solutions, please CONTACT US. We look forward to your inquiry!

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