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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

It is hard to imagine modern companies without e-learning. Gamification in the LMS is suitable for providing even more motivation. Read on to find out what this is all about and what it can look like. And good news for all those who already use our proven LMS GLOBAL TEACH®: Gamification is now available as a new function in the system.


The fact that gamification in the LMS offers many advantages and makes the training area within the company even more successful is generally nothing new. The word "gamification" is derived from the word "game". But what does e-learning have to do with "games" now, when it's primarily about imparting knowledge? And why should this contribute to success, when employees are supposed to work and learn, and not "PLAY"!?

With gamification in the LMS, users collect points by completing a TRAINING CONTENT - similar to a (computer) game. So they collect these points successively with each completed e-learning or other training that is stored in the system. Each user therefore has a score in their personal profile (which they can, of course, view at any time and even compare with their colleagues if you wish). This results in a kind of ranking list of the employees. Here it is displayed who has how many points and who was able to collect the most points at the current time.

But what exactly does this do for work? As experience has shown, gamification in the LMS increases the motivation to learn content enormously. Many companies have started to turn this into real challenges. For example, once a year they give away a special prize to the person who has collected the most points over the year. This increases the motivation to collect as many points as possible through e-learning even more and, quite incidentally, the employees learn important content that also makes them even more successful in terms of their work.

The team is often gripped by ambition when it comes to gamification in the LMS. Learning can become downright fun, as employees want to outdo each other. At the same time, of course, learning is effective - even if this is sometimes no longer perceived as such. In the end, the entire company benefits: employees are motivated, always up to date with the latest training, and therefore highly successful and efficient at work.


Which learning content is learned by means of LMS Gamification via E-LEARNING, or other training, and how many points there are for which content, is determined by each company itself. Our customized solution help to ensure that your employees learn exactly what they need to do their jobs in the company. Take advantage of Gamification in Global Teach® now.

When a learning content is completed, the learnera are credited with the respective points and they are accumulated on their "points account". The points are accompanied by certain digital badges which also continuously transform into the next level badge as the points balance increases. Again, each company can decide individually what these badges should look like, or choose from various ready-made sets. In this way, your employees are constantly motivated to collect new badges through gamification in the LMS.

To ensure that everyone keeps track of their own points and badges, employees can view their individual score and - if applicable - their ranking at any time. The high score can also be viewed by everyone if desired - so you always have the goal you want to achieve in front of your eyes. Of course, in terms of data protection, it is up to each company to hide this information (e.g. the high score, etc.) and leave the whole thing anonymous.

Employees and supervisors, on the other hand, can always call up their own status - this contains both the score achieved with gamification in the LMS and the current level at which they are. Badges are also displayed in this area. A timeline shows how the points are made up and when they were collected. This means that employees with gamification in the LMS always have an overview.


Here is a brief summary of gamification within our LMS Global Teach®:

  • As a company, you determine which learning content you assign how many points to.

  • Employees accumulate points individually, by completing the respective content (e-learning, classroom training, whatever you assign points to in the LMS).

  • Depending on their score, your employees have certain "badges" (digital badges) that continuously increase as their points increase, providing a visual incentive as well.

  • Employees can view the high score and their ranking at any time, provided you allow them to do so. This encourages them to overtake their colleagues with their own score.

  • In their own profile, employees and their superiors can see their own detailed score at any time.


The use of gamification in the LMS significantly increases motivation in the training area. In this way, the use of learning platforms in companies is becoming more intensive. Gamification in the LMS has advantages in many areas. Users develop ambition and learn even more in the process. This, in turn, means that employees become fitter and fitter for their field of activity and can do their job in the best possible way. From this perspective, gamification in the LMS is a nice additional feature that creates a win-win situation for everyone involved and makes the company even more successful.

If a company uses gamification in the LMS in a targeted way, this innovative solution can be used not only for e-learning and other training, but also for team building purposes. Here, employees collect points in teams and in the end it is not the individual result that decides, but the score of all colleagues involved. In this way, employees spur each other on. And when a physical prize awaits the winners at the end, the motivation can hardly be increased any further.

The advantages at a glance:

The use of gamification in the LMS significantly increases the motivation to use a learning platform. This has benefits across the board:

  • Your employees learn even more and with increased ambition.

  • The employees are accordingly even fitter for their job.

  • Your company becomes even more successful because your employees do a good job.

  • You can also use the gamification function for team building (teams collect points and spur each other on - at the end there may be a prize).

Would you like to learn more, or would you like to implement gamification in your company? We would be happy to show you concrete examples on the topic in our LMS Global Teach®. Just CONTACT US - we look forward to getting to know you!

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