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Web-based training, or WBT for short, is a special form of e-learning, i.e. a multimodal learning program. In contrast to computer-based training (CBT), the learning content is offered digitally. This not only enables efficient learning, but also tracking of the learning status of the individual, as well as automatic assignment to specific persons, provided that the WBT is stored on an LMS (learning management system). Since only Internet access is required, and not a physical data carrier as is traditionally the case, the learning content can be accessed practically anywhere and by anyone who has access. Ideally, the WBT consists of different parts, such as text, images, quizzes, etc. This guarantees that the user not only internalizes the content, but can also apply it himself, thus demonstrating that he has understood it.



Switching to a digital alternative to classroom training is often confusing and difficult. That's why SWISSTEACH, as an agency with years of experience in digital learning, is at your side as a partner. You can look forward to professional advice regarding e-learning and WBTs. Of course, your online trainings still have to be filled with your content and the content adapted to your company. So that you are not left alone here, Swissteach helps you with a wide range of ready-made learning content as well as with e-learnings individually adapted to your training needs. So you can sit back, relax and soon train your employees with your own web-based training. Find out below how you can benefit from our range of web-based training courses.

How to reap the benefits of web-based training

It is not only our schools and offices that are modernizing their working methods and data collection. In every business and company, digitalization is a big issue and usually a big challenge. If you are already working on the digitalization of your company, then the introduction of web-based training should not be missing. With the help of this, you can always assign new E-LEARNING CONTENT to your users and thus always keep them up to date. The learning progress of each user can be viewed and checked individually

What makes a good web-based-training?

A good web-based training is characterized by the fact that it is easy to learn with. This includes that the learning units are relatively small. A learning duration of 5 minutes is recommended in most cases. This allows learners to concentrate on the essentials instead of being overwhelmed by information.

For whom is web-based-training suitable?

Web-based training can be used in many ways and is therefore suitable for a large target group. Web-based training is always the best option when it comes to teaching important topics or even complex content - regardless of the industry or size of the company. Here, learning content is prepared in such a way that it is easy to understand. WBTs are the perfect method for training your employees.

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