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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


Updated: Feb 9, 2023

In recent years, digitalisation has increasingly found its way into continuing education and training in companies, as it has in many other areas of our lives. E-LEARNING offers a form of digital learning that expands access to educational opportunities by making learning content available regardless of location.

This creates a new level of independence, flexibility, and efficiency in continuing education and training for employees. E-LEARNING FOR COMPANIES can work in the form of online courses, video and audio tutorials, webinars, blended learning courses and much more.


Flexibility: In today's fast-paced world, flexibility is increasingly essential. And it is precisely this needed flexibility that digital learning formats offer when it comes to further training in your company. They allow you to deliver training from anywhere, at any time. You can adapt training measures to your personal schedule and that of your employees. The focus lies on exactly the content that is necessary for the individual qualification. To achieve corporate goals, e-learning provides new formats, such as online courses, videos, podcasts, webinars or virtual learning spaces.

Sustainability: By using digital learning formats, it is possible to achieve greater learning success in the context of staff training with less use of resources. This applies not only to staff but also, for example, to the consumption of paper, especially in companies that are still heavily bureaucratic. Documents and files that are made available online do not have to be prepared in print for every training session. In addition, employees who do not have to travel to and from the company or rented training rooms by bus, train, or car for every training measure cause significantly fewer CO2 emission.

Mediality: One of the main advantages of digital learning is the interlinking of different media, which enables your employees to better absorb important information. This is achieved by the fact that different media also appeals to different senses and thus enable active and interactive learning, which increases your employees' motivation and concentration. The multimedia presentation of the training content makes the learning material livelier and more accessible, which improves the learner's understanding and guarantees learning success.

Interactivity: With the interactive elements of digital learning formats, such as GAMIFICATION, group work or videos, your employees can internalise the learning content better. Frontal teaching was yesterday! Interaction, including the feedback of a trained employee, enables direct verification of learning success on the one hand, and continuous improvement of the learning content itself on the other.

Accessibility: When it comes to the accessibility of digital learning content in companies, it is not only the above-mentioned flexibility independent of location and time that plays an important role. The term "accessibility" also includes two other points: The most diverse courses can be offered, which on the one hand are precisely aligned to the specific corporate goals, and on the other hand exactly strike a chord with the learning styles and needs of the employees.

Cost savings: Because training and workshops are offered online, there is no longer a compelling need to rent or maintain dedicated training facilities. Training materials also no longer need to be procured to the same extent, which saves not only financial but also human/time resources in the long run.


Nowadays, digital learning formats are essential to meet the demands of the modern world. Through innovative technologies and increased digitalisation of educational resources, it is possible to offer your employees completely new learning opportunities. You gain access to learning formats that enable employees to learn from anywhere and find the best solutions for the company. New learning content is actively delivered through multimedia, which helps to give you and your employees the chance to absorb new knowledge in the shortest possible time.


Digital learning formats offer an efficient solution for passing on knowledge. The advantages are obvious, as described above. The only question is: how and where to start? This is where we from SWISSTEACH AG come into play. Do you want to develop the knowledge and skills of your employees? Do you want an effective solution to ensure the qualification of your employees and the success of your company? We have the right solution for you – and all from one source: our learning management system (LMS) GLOBAL TEACH®. Its range of functions provides you with everything you need to run employee and customer training courses both sustainably and efficiently.

Our know-how in educational innovations combined with our many years of experience and Swiss precision enable us to provide personal and individual CONSULTATION, target-oriented E-LEARNING CONTENT and assistance with implementation and operation. With our skilled expertise, we ensure that EMPLOYEE TRAINING and e-learning programmes are optimised in a targeted and efficient manner for your company.

Interest aroused? We are at your disposal for any questions regarding e-learning formats. CONTACT us at any time – we look forward to your enquiry.

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