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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


In times of digitalization, your employees are constantly exposed to the new requirements of a market that is permanently changing. This adaptation means stress and uncertainty for many employees. And yet, further training is incredibly important to ensure the company's long-term success. But how can you increase the learning success of your employees and thus take a lot of the burden off your shoulders?

In our new article, we explain how you can achieve exactly that with the help of DIGITAL EMPLOYEE TRAINING and different e-learning formats.


With e-learning, content is made available to employees in digital form on a web-based platform. In doing so, the digital counterpart to the antique-looking conferences offers a lot of advantages that help increase the learning success of your employees:

  • Increase learning success through flexibility and accessibility: Modern e-learning formats offer the advantage of great flexibility. Training sessions no longer have to be scheduled on a large scale and conducted in meeting rooms as they used to be. With e-learning formats, every employee can easily manage their personal training digitally via their preferred device. The increased flexibility means that your employees can conveniently use the learning content in every free minute and, like this, individually increase their learning success.

  • Increase learning success through individual learning speed: The e-learning formats are intuitive to use and can be used at the employee's own learning pace. Instead of antiquated lectures that always follow the same pattern and are not geared to the personal needs of the individual participants, progress can be made at individual speed.

  • Increase learning success and save costs at the same time: Through modern employee training, you can not only increase learning success, but also save costs at the same time. Previously, training involved long journeys by car, the rental of meeting rooms, and subsequent accommodation in hotels. In addition, your employees could not work during this time, which was also a major cost factor. Digital learning formats can be used conveniently from home and save you these additional costs.


For e-learning formats to really increase the learning success of your employees, the programs must also be designed accordingly. On the one hand, you need to adapt the formats to the target group. Depending on the industry your company serves, different tasks or problems will arise. Accordingly, these tasks and problem areas must be covered by the program. In addition, the digital employee training courses should be designed in a didactically sensible way. Here, interactivity is particularly helpful to increase the learning success. Many studies show that dull lectures rarely remain in the long-term memory. However, if the employees are actively involved, a practical reference is often created, which is helpful to increase the learning success. Nowadays, this interactivity is often created by gamification elements. The learning units are set up like games and thus create a lot of fun during application. This keeps your employees on top of their learning experience and prevents them from becoming overwhelmed by too much information.


For you to permanently increase learning success, E-learning programs should be evaluated on a regular basis. In addition to evaluating learning objectives, which are permanently changing in the modern job market, you should especially keep an eye on individual learning progress. Both your employees and you can permanently observe these in modern e-learning formats. This means that each employee can be addressed individually, which helps to consistently increase the learning success. It is also important to obtain feedback from employees on the design of the platform. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is increased as a result. If you compare the digital e-learning formats with conventional training, you will quickly notice that the modern counterpart is much more individualized in its approach to your employees.


E-learning formats noticeably help to increase learning success in companies. In addition to their enormous flexibility and time savings, they address the individual needs of each employee. Furthermore, learning progress can be monitored on a permanent basis, and additional costs can be avoided. Nevertheless, the success of digital learning formats lies in their implementation. So, rely on experts to help you design the new system.

If you are looking for an experienced partner, we at SWISSTEACH are the right contact person for you. For over 20 years now, we have been supporting companies in the development and implementation of e-learning formats. To increase the learning success of your employees, we help you create the right content and adapt it permanently. Our complete solution GLOBAL TEACH® is an intuitive learning management software (LMS) that has been permanently optimized for two decades. With its flexibility and simplified management of classroom training, it ensures that your organization is at the forefront of learning management and employee learning success.

If you have any further questions on the topic of how to increase learning success, please feel free to CONTACT us at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.

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