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  • Isabelle Ulbrich


The atmosphere at FSV Hollwitz-Burgbach, an ambitious club in the 2nd Football League, had been tense for several days. The last 12 months had put the club’s image to the test and caused increasing unrest among the fans. Unfounded allegations of manipulated matches had left deep scars, and now the club faced the challenge of restoring its reputation as a hotbed of talent.

In these turbulent times, Thomas, the head of the public relations department, stepped up to the plate. His idea? An innovative, rapid induction programme for the new PR expert Yasmin. It was clear that the average training time in PR had to be drastically reduced under the given circumstances. How? With the help of e-learning.

Thomas firmly believed that e-learning was the key to significantly reducing the average training period and enthusiastically shared this with his team. It offered Yasmin a unique opportunity to familiarise herself quickly and effectively with the complex issues of compliance, strategic business alignment, and the use of available PR channels. The urgency with which innovative and positive PR ideas had to be realised called for an unconventional and fast method. He developed a customised induction plan for Yasmin that would enable her to hit the ground running and resolve the PR disaster in the shortest possible time. Thomas had high hopes for e-learning to streamline the regular training period. On the one hand, he saw great advantages in the fact that the Learning Management System (LMS) could be customised to the new employee and progress could be monitored. The gamification elements would also take some of the pressure off Yasmin, as the learning would now be more playful. He had already identified SWISSTEACH as a suitable E-LEARNING AGENCY, which was known for its customised E-LEARNING FOR COMPANIES.

So much for Thomas’ plan. But could the desired effect really be achieved here? Let’s ask Yasmin herself.


With little experience, I started my first day at FSV Hollwitz-Burgbach, which had always been a club close to my heart. I knew about the allegations of manipulation and already thought that the atmosphere on site would probably not be the best. But as a new employee, I would probably still get my regular training period ... no such luck. Thomas introduced himself to me in a friendly manner, but you could tell that he was seething. With a throbbing temple, a slightly sweaty forehead, and a cramped smile, he explained to me that we would have to “shorten the average familiarisation period a little due to the current situation”. I was immediately energised. It usually takes at least three to four months in PR until the approach and strategy are clear and the PR channels are reasonably well organised. Thomas endeavoured to take a diplomatic approach, but the message was clear: The first results should be available after just eight weeks.

I could see myself travelling from place to place, taking notes, and studying obsessively to meet expectations. But all Thomas gave me was a tablet on which I would find everything I needed. I was confused. This was Thomas’ plan? Shorten my average training period with a tablet? I was sceptical, but I had no other choice. So, I started with the first DIGITAL EMPLOYEE TRAINING and soon took a liking to the format. After a short time, I no longer felt under so much pressure and saw rapid progress in myself. I realised that flexibility helped me to cope with the workload and shorten my average training period. I completed my tasks with ease, sometimes even on long train or bus journeys, so that I didn't have so much to do during the week.

The LMS clearly showed me my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to work on them in a targeted manner, and the necessary certificates and evidence were all saved in the LMS. E-learning not only shortened my average training period, but also made my day-to-day work much easier – especially with a view to the future, of course.


With the help of e-learning, Yasmin's average training period was drastically shortened. Thomas and Yasmin immediately launched their first PR campaign, which fitted in perfectly with FSV Hollwitz-Burgbach’s new strategic direction. The rapid familiarisation and the subsequent successful PR campaigns were proof of the effectiveness of e-learning in critical times and under challenging circumstances. “The whole thing has given us a decisive advantage. The plan worked out and the setup will serve us well for any new hires in the future. Taking Yasmin's feedback into account, structures were created in the LMS that will greatly benefit our future new employees,” emphasised Thomas. Yasmin added: “Without the opportunity to familiarise myself so quickly, we would not have been able to respond to the challenges so promptly.”

The innovative induction strategy had not only accelerated Yasmin's start, but also demonstrated how crucial the reduction of the average training period – without any negative impact on the quality of knowledge transfer – can be for overcoming organisational crises. E-learning has established a flexible, efficient, and effective familiarisation method that has helped FSV Hollwitz-Burgbach to successfully improve its image and prepare for a promising future. Perhaps even in the premier league in the future ... we are keeping our fingers crossed.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please feel free to CONTACT us at any time. We will be happy to help and advise you at any time!

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