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Continuing education is an important part of any good corporate philosophy. Where money is saved at the wrong ends and employees are not developed further, stagnation will follow. In this context, education controlling plays an increasingly important role.

Education controlling for human resource development is a concept that aims to optimize the systematic planning, management, and control of the company's internal training processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. For the correct further development of employees, a wide variety of aspects must be taken into account.

Why education controlling is so tremendously important and what exactly you have to pay attention to, will be explained in the following blog post.


The importance of continuing education in companies cannot be stressed enough. In times of digitalization and the modern labor market, companies must constantly reinvent themselves and adapt to market conditions in order to keep up. Furthermore, there are usually a multitude of legal regulations that must be demonstrably complied with in order to be on the safe side legally. For this reason, more and more companies have been trying their hand at in-company training measures in recent years. This includes not only the training of long-term employees but also the induction of new employees.

The greater the significance of continuing education programs in companies, the more frequently education controlling is used to manage the development processes in an economically viable way. Education controlling is strongly dependent on the size of the company. Especially companies with a large number of employees rely more on this form of management for logistical reasons.


Education controlling manages the procedures of future-relevant continuing education processes. So far, so good. But how exactly does this form of controlling work? In general, education controlling always proceeds in similar cycles:

  • Identify needs: First, the company must examine what specific training opportunities need to be created to ensure the company's continued success. In addition to various workforce development opportunities, legal training courses are also a feasible option here.

  • Planning of the continuing education: Now it is necessary to plan how and in what form this content is to be imparted. In the past, conferences were often held, the long-term learning success of which was unfortunately in many cases limited. For this reason, DIGITAL EMPLOYEE TRAINING is particularly popular today. These also provide a great advantage in terms of education controlling in general, as we will find out later.

  • Carry out continuing education: Now the continuing education must also be implemented. Digital elements in particular are a popular means of determining the content in a sustainable way.

  • Practical Implementation: For education controlling, it is extremely important that the knowledge is used in practice. After all, employees don't learn for nothing; rather, the training should make their everyday lives easier.

  • Evaluation and safeguarding: At the end of education controlling is the safeguarding and evaluation of continuing education. Only through constant further development of the measures will the learning process be permanently improved. For the monitoring of education controlling, key figures are used that measure the progress in a comparable way. In this way, the continuing education process can also be documented.


It is obvious that education controlling itself requires a certain amount of resources. To ensure that these are not too high, digital learning management software (LMS) is particularly recommended. Such software offers a preconfigured program that can be used to disseminate knowledge. The advantage of such an LMS is that it requires little effort. The application is prefabricated and only needs to be fed with the appropriate content. In addition, digital solutions in particular are proving to be extremely flexible and effective for education controlling. Employees only need a digital device and can proceed with their continuing education anytime and anywhere. Of course, this does not exclude on-site training, but it provides the best conditions to not only plan the right mixture (blended learning), but also to implement and monitor it effectively and efficiently. The programs are often linked to tools that monitor the learning process and thus indicate which content is well understood and which needs to be reviewed. However, LMSs are also extremely effective at imparting knowledge. Gamification elements, for example, are used to convey content in a playful way and thus increase EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT.

We at SWISSTEACH offer you a customized LMS solution to make your education controlling as efficient as possible. With our GLOBAL TEACH® solution, you are well prepared for the challenges of the future. More than twenty years of experience have gone into creating our LMS. In this way, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, but can start right away and consistently promote the continuing education of your employees.

If you have any further questions about education controlling, please feel free to CONTACT US at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.

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