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Updated: May 5, 2023

We at Swissteach are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year under the name Swissteach AG and thought this would be an appropriate opportunity to introduce ourselves here to those who do not yet know who we are and what we do.

Swissteach now stands for around 30 experts in learning management and e-learning. We can proudly look back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of digital EMPLOYEE TRAINING. In concrete terms, this means that we are a provider of the complete range of e-learning services, from content creation and learning management software (LMS) to individual counselling. Our system allows you to make the e-learning formats available to your employees and to precisely track their successful completion in reports. However, our holistic approach as e-learning experts does not stop there: if required, you can also manage classroom training. All these factors create an optimal all-round solution for your company, which efficiently promotes the further development of your employees.

Place your trust in the hands of the e-learning experts at Swissteach now and let our TEAM advise you today.


The modern labour market demands constant adaptability and changeability from its market participants. Accordingly, regular training is essential to ensure the long-term success of the company. In the past, time-consuming conferences were held in the remotest parts of the country in dim light and with dusty furniture, but now e-learning formats offer completely new possibilities. Digital employee training has revolutionised the development possibilities of companies and offers permanent, flexible and didactically valuable access to learning content. Thus, e-learning formats are timesaving, inexpensive and also promise greater learning success. Gamification elements, for example, also generate a lot of fun and thus noticeably increase EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT.

As with any adaptation process, you need a partner at your side who can advise you with the necessary expertise. So put your trust in the e-learning experts at Swissteach...


Of course, you should now know what reasons you have for trusting us as e-learning experts. To mark our 10th anniversary, we have therefore compiled 10 reasons that speak in favour of working with us:

  1. Flexibility: we adapt to you as a customer and not the other way round. No matter what industry you work in - as an e-learning expert, we pave a way for you that is individually tailored to you.

  2. Experience: As an e-learning expert, we have more than 25 years of experience in the field of LMS. Accordingly, our systems are not based on mere assumptions, but on practical findings.

  3. Direct contact: No matter what your individual implementation may look like - we do not leave you alone during implementation and operation and remain permanently at your side. The whole thing, by the way, without third-party providers!

  4. Excellent "Swiss quality": our expertise is not just talk, as you can see from our various AWARDS from various institutions and journals.

  5. Service-oriented way of working: The customer is king. This well-known mantra is not just an empty phrase for us, but the linchpin of our corporate philosophy.

  6. Complete solution: We do not offer you different modules with endless interfaces from various manufacturers, but a coherent system. As your e-learning expert, we integrate this into your IT landscape ourselves, of course.

  7. Versatile content: As your e-learning expert, we help you create and implement your E-LEARNING CONTENT. It doesn't matter in which area you are active - we will find the best possible solution for you!

  8. Customised LMS solution: In addition to our comprehensive consulting services, we also provide you with the appropriate LMS. GLOBAL TEACH® is also ideally suited for e-learning beginners and can be easily adapted to the specific needs of your company.

  9. Inclusive follow-up support: As your e-learning expert, we know that evaluation and feedback are essential to ensure the long-term learning success of your employees. That is why we continue to be there for you after the implementation of our LMS and work consistently to optimise your e-learning format.

  10. Competent team: Our team is at the centre of our and your success. It is made up of a wide range of experts from various fields in order to offer each customer the best possible product.


We are distinguished not only by our many years of expertise, but especially by our sustained cooperation with diverse clients from a wide range of industries. Ultimately, however, we can speak about ourselves as e-learning experts in the most dazzling colours. So at this point, we'll let those speak who should know best - our customers:

"In 2017, beco Berner Wirtschaft introduced the LMS Global Teach. Since then, the HR specialist unit for personnel development has relied on this application, which allows efficient and goal-oriented management of classroom courses and electronic learning content. The diverse possibilities of the learning platform as well as the competent, pragmatic and quick support from the Swissteach team enable us to accompany our customers professionally in their personal further education."

Walter Roth, beco Berner Wirtschaft

"Swissteach supported us in the introduction of e-learning with a production template and a workshop on the use of the authoring tool Storyline 360. In just one day, our production team received an introduction to the use of Storyline. Its use was illustrated with sample content from our training courses. The intensive and clear introduction has greatly accelerated the implementation of initial projects."

Denise Schärer, IT Centre Köniz-Muri

"E-learning for an SME? Of course it's possible! With a lot of verve and identification for our industry, Swissteach 2022 has made it possible for us to train our employees online. The fact that our solution has a sound basis is shown not least by the award of the E-Learning Award in the category "SME". The support in creation, implementation, kick-off and follow-up is uncomplicated and solution-oriented. We are convinced by the result and the cooperation with Swissteach and look forward to expanding and optimising our e-learning platform together."

Martina Stähli, Marketing/PR/Sales, arag AG

"In 2012, we were faced with the big challenge of replacing our 8-year-old, ageing LMS. In our search for a new partner, we ended up with Swissteach, who convinced us right from the start with their concept, the technical possibilities and above all the pragmatic and hands-on cooperation. We were particularly impressed by the speed at which we managed this migration - with more than 2000 active users, special requirements and 300 WBTs already in place. Today, I remain enthusiastic about the product and the collaboration with Swissteach. I look forward to everything we will still rock together."

Heike Braun, OTTO

"Swissteach responds directly to our needs and serves our solution requirements with coordinated requirements management. As a result, solutions were created for the SICK Sensor Intelligence Academy LMS that correspond to a certain system standard and at the same time enable special processes through specific system extensions. So it is all the more pleasing to see that our specific requirements often merge into the system standard. Even though Swissteach is more of an SME, they still deliver a service that absolutely covers the requirements of a large industrial company like SICK AG. Another great feature is the direct contact to KeyAccount Management, Development, as well as CustomerCare Service."

Nico Zimmermann, SICK AG


Now that you have met us as your e-learning experts, we would like to introduce you to our LMS solution, which is the result of more than 20 years of continuous development. GLOBAL TEACH® has already been used for many years by renowned companies and organisations worldwide, who are still shaping its continuous development on the basis of practical findings. To ensure that GLOBAL TEACH® meets your individual needs and provides the appropriate functions, it is made up of several modules. This gives you a high degree of flexibility and individuality: simply select the basic module that suits you best and then add the appropriate function modules as required. This makes it a particularly powerful LMS that promotes the further development of your employees in the best possible way.

If you would like to get to know us better as e-learning experts, please feel free to CONTACT US at any time. We look forward to your enquiry.

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