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Sooner or later, every company that employs people needs to train them. From introductions upon joining the company to safety training and training in specific areas of knowledge - employee training in presence is usually time-consuming and expensive. Do you also want to train your employees using digital learning media and are looking for an easy way? Then you have come to the right place.

Until now, smaller companies in particular have often had doubts as to whether online training measures are profitable even for a small number of employees. We can openly and honestly answer in the affirmative. Because we at SWISSTEACH also offer training courses in e-learning format at extremely low cost for SMEs. The focus here is not on the number of employees, but on efficiency and benefit.

In the course of digitization, the demand for e-learning programs as a training measure is increasing, because they save time and money and also offer many advantages to the learner. We are the best provider when it comes to e-learning in SMEs, because we quickly and purposefully combine educational innovation with experience and Swiss precision.


The knowledge to be imparted to employees in training courses is usually extensive and covers a lot at once, so that what has been learned is often forgotten again shortly after the training. With our e-learning for SMEs, you digitize your training courses and thus ensure flexibility and greater efficiency. Whether it's operating manuals as PDFs, online self-learning programs or even self-produced learning videos - the possibilities offered by e-learning for SMEs are numerous and give learners the opportunity to continue their education in an innovative and appealing way according to their own preferences. Moreover, there is an opportunity for employees to take the trainings irrespective of the place and time. They decide where it will benefit them most effectively, whether classically at the workplace, from the comfort of their own home, or even on the road. With the help of quizzes and other knowledge checks, learners not only receive E-LEARNING CONTENT on a particular topic, but also apply the knowledge directly. This results in a higher learning effect and ensures that the knowledge is transferred directly into everyday work.

Another advantage arises from the fact that e-learning for SMEs can be called up according to the situation and repeated at any point as needed. In addition, employees allocate their resources themselves. As a result, no employee feels over- or under-challenged and the learning content is conveyed in the best possible way. So even at first glance, there are many advantages for your company's employees, from which the company in turn clearly benefits.


In addition, you save money that would normally go into training each individual employee and time that you would have to invest in planning training. With the help of e-learning for SMEs, learning content that has been developed once can be made available to a large number of employees quickly and easily. You also save yourself the effort of searching for a suitable trainer. We offer you standardized, generic topics that you can use immediately. In addition, you are guaranteed consistent quality thanks to the e-learning content created by our experts. Moreover, once e-learning content has been created, it can be easily updated. With e-learning for SMEs, you save the cost and time of repeatedly initiating new classroom training sessions. If you also need to train employees in different languages, our e-learning for SMEs saves you the effort of finding different trainers, because the training courses may be available in multiple languages. In addition, you can use reporting to keep an eye on the learning progress of your employees and determine whether new content has actually been received and internalized. Certificates that are relevant for the further career of your employees also increase their motivation.

Find out more about the benefits of e-learning for SMEs and other exciting topics on our BLOG and stay up to date on e-learning, LMS (Learning Management System) and much more.


DDigitization has also changed the skills requirements of employees. For companies, the importance of IT user knowledge in particular has increased in this context. What better way to train employees in IT than with our e-learning for SMEs? Soft skills such as planning and organizational skills, independence or cooperation and communication skills can also be taught in the best way with our offering. In addition, we also offer you the following topics, for example, as a package:

  • Work efficiently in the home office

  • Appear professionally in videoconferences

  • Successful communication

  • Working in a customer-oriented way

  • Data protection and privacy

  • IT Security

And if you also need a simple system solution to provide the e-learning, we have the perfect solution to meet your individual requirements. Thus, our e-learning for SMEs offers an ideal knowledge transfer from which both you and your employees will quickly benefit, because your employees are always up to date professionally and you can completely rely on the competencies of your employees.

On our website you will find a lot of information about e-learning and about our company. Convince yourself of the quality of our offer and have a look at the AWARDS we have already received. Do you want to use our e-learning service for SMEs now, or do you want to get more detailed information about our offer? No problem: we are at your disposal for questions and advice, so that we can find the right solution for you. Simply GET IN TOUCH with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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