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Digitization is advancing at a rapid pace. Accordingly, the methods for employee training or continuing education are also adapting and the market for e-learning content is growing rapidly. Find out now how you can successfully benefit from our expertise if you want to sell online courses.


To make in-house training and corporate communication as efficient as possible, more and more companies are turning to LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (LMS) to train their employees. The company benefits in the long run from knowledgeable and productive employees, but also as a provider of e-learning content, you can earn money with the LMS by selling your generic online courses. This is because many companies rarely have the know-how, as well as the time required, to develop and create the content for your training courses themselves.

Overall, there are a number of reasons why companies are therefore more likely to buy e-learning content from third parties than to create it themselves. In addition, many companies now offer online training to third parties, i.e. customers or partners, e.g. for certification or similar purposes. In turn, you can profit from this by selling your online courses:

  • Creating E-LEARNING CONTENT can be a real challenge for companies. The question quickly arises as to how the knowledge to be conveyed can be optimally digitized. For example, when do learning videos make sense and when do interactive learning formats make sense? If you decide on the wrong form of knowledge transfer, you can impede or even hinder the learning progress of your employees. If you sell prefabricated online courses to companies, you enable them to train employees appropriately and effectively.

  • So it makes sense for companies to turn to specialists who sell ready-made online courses. This is because they trust the expertise of those experienced in this field and receive courses that cover all the necessary content comprehensively and effectively, so that the greatest possible learning transfer is achieved. Experts also align this content with the current standards in the field and the content is always up to date. Thus, it is possible for you to sell current and up-to-date online courses.

  • Because creating online courses requires extensive thought and planning, it represents a large time commitment. If you sell online courses, many companies will come back to your offer to save valuable time.

  • Depending on their needs, companies can set individual, company-specific priorities for the online courses they buy with little effort. The e-learning content can be subsequently edited, expanded and deepened.

  • Companies are largely spared the need to deal with the programs required to create the content. If you sell online courses as a provider, you can shine with your technical know-how and again save the company time.

  • In addition, you are bound to have one or the other e-learning content that is generically interesting for other companies as well. And if you've already put in the effort of creating it for yourself anyway, why not sell it on?


Everything up to this point may sound rather abstract to you. That's why we from SWISSTEACH are introducing the "Payment Gateway" module of our LMS Global Teach to give you an understanding of the concrete sale of training content to third parties.

"Payment Gateway" solves the following requirements for easier online course selling:

  • Managing the digital learning content you want to sell to third parties directly through the system.

  • Purchase, payment, etc. also run directly through the system

  • Customers have the option to pay by credit card

Payment Gateway offers you the following advantages when selling online courses:

  • You can easily distribute your e-learning content and earn money with it.

  • Billing is automatic and controlled by the system

  • You have an optimal overview of what is happening and can control everything centrally

Payment Gateway stands out from other systems due to:

  • The ease of processing payments

  • The possibility to earn money with your knowledge

  • Return of investment on any content

  • The use as a marketing / acquisition tool thanks to CRM interface

  • Voucher codes that can be given away or sold to selected customers and partners

In summary, this module of our system Global Teach lets you easily distribute content and settle all payments in one place when selling online courses through it.

Do you have questions about selling online courses or are you interested in our "Payment Gateway"? Then please CONTACT US!

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