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Aktualisiert: 18. Mai 2023

Today's working world is characterised especially by a continuous increasing digitalisation and, not least, by ever greater specialisation. However, it is precisely the specialisation of services and offers that requires companies to adapt to the dynamically changing requirements and to develop further. In order for this further development to succeed, it is necessary to proceed as holistically as possible. Employee training in particular must not be lost sight of.

Employee training is particularly important because it is becoming increasingly difficult for many companies to find qualified personnel and to retain them in the long term. However, instead of investing a lot of money in recruiting and losing important knowledge with departing employees, an investment in already existing human capital, such as an employee training, is a promising alternative. Targeted employee training not only provides your staff with general further education, but also prepares them for specific tasks.

When companies work together with an experienced service provider such as SWISSTEACH in the design and implementation of employee training, this not only ensures that a state-of-the-art learning environment is available, but also that the specific requirements and wishes are considered. Since the provision of employee training is ultimately also a service that makes companies interesting as employers, there are also certain synergies.


When it comes to selecting and designing continuing education opportunities, such as employee training, companies face several challenges: On the one hand, the implementation of employee training is a financial investment, but on the other hand it is also a decisive factor for long-term success.

Swissteach is well aware of this and therefore convince by several aspects:

  • By providing e-learning services, our services for employee training are cost-efficient, innovative and tailored to the needs of our clients.

  • The use of our modern learning platform, GLOBAL TEACH, for your employee training does not only promise to impart new knowledge, but also precisely those digital learning and working techniques that will bring the company and its employees a big step further.

  • Our platforms are particularly user-friendly and learning content will be tailored to your employee training needs.

While for your employees the learning environment and the use of modern employee training plays a central role, for companies it is the CONTENT that is most important. Swissteach acts as a kind of mediator between both legitimate interests: Numerous satisfied customers and users from all areas speak a clear language.


In our now digital world, digital communication channels are becoming increasingly important. This applies both to general company communication with colleagues, service providers or customers and to other aspects such as further education and training. With regard to employee training, e-learning offers are becoming more and more essential, not least due to the changed conditions caused by the Corona crisis.

Despite all the restrictions caused by the pandemic, a positive development can be observed at least in terms of employee training: Companies and employees, who were previously hostile to digital learning offers, now have no alternatives to E-LEARNING and are suddenly convinced by its rapid deployment. Only now many people, who suddenly have to deal with E-Learning and get started, realise the fact that not only employees, but also partners and customers can be trained online anytime and anywhere in a very uncomplicated way. And all of these, as well as a whole range of other advantages of employee training, are suddenly obvious due to the current situation and ensure rapid development.

For Swissteach, it is self-evident that e-learning may not neglect the consideration of personal needs. This means that everyone has their own strategy for learning and dealing with content. Therefore, we prepare learning and course content in such a way that it is appropriate for each individual learner and thus offers the greatest possible efficiency.

Instead of just providing content according to "scheme F", we use a wide range of working and learning techniques for your employee training. The different learning formats offer a whole range of variation possibilities. Almost everything can be used for employee training - from WBT (web-based training), classic PDF files, video clips, podcasts, or even multidimensional learning programmes that combine several aspects of these. The same applies to additional offers for learning and repetition. An important feature of our platforms, which are used in the context of employee training, is also the support of communication among employees: there are numerous opportunities for exchange. Swissteach organises formal channels, but also promotes informal exchanges beyond fixed appointments and video conferences.

Don't hesitate and convince yourself of the quality of our services. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information about our platforms, our services and the opportunities that cooperation offers. Simply CONTACT us – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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